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EMCC's Maine Trivia Tournament returns

BANGOR Things will be getting trivial for a not-so-trivial cause at Eastern Maine Community College.

The Third Annual Maine Trivia Tournament will be returning to EMCC's Johnston Gymnasium on March 31. Doors will open at 5 p.m., with the event beginning at 5:30 and running to approximately 9 p.m. The cost to register a team is $200, with all proceeds going to the EMCC Foundation.

Teams consisting of three to five people will answer questions over the course of 12 increasingly difficult rounds in five different categories Sports, Entertainment, Politics, Science and Maine. Each round is worth a total of 15 points; players must allocate point values to each question, one through five. The team with the highest total after 12 rounds takes home the trophyand $500.

Win or lose, it's the opportunity to show off your smarts for a good cause. There will be food and a cash bar. There are definitely worse ways to spend a Thursday night. And the Maine Trivia Tournament has always been about more than raising money, according to EMCC's Jennifer Khavari.

'EMCC wanted to host a fun event that brought community members to our campus,' she said. 'While the tournament also serves as a fundraiser for our Foundation, the primary goal was to get people engaged with the college and show we are a vital part of the greater Bangor region's community.'

Previous years have seen some success, with 20-25 teams taking part. But Khavari expects that number to nearly double to 40 participating teams. And while it's all about having fun, the MTT will not be a cakewalk.

'EMCC librarians developed questions in the past two years that were pretty difficult,' said Khavari. 'This year, we are enlisting the knowledge of Maine State Librarians, who are curating most of the questions.'

Putting something like this together is far from easy. As someone who has put in some time as a triviamaster, I know that developing questions hard enough to be interesting but not so hard as to be alienating is tough. Kudos to EMCC for making the effort.

Additionally, it's nice to see the area's rather robust trivia community being given the opportunity to clash on a bigger stage. So many establishments in the area host trivia nights, yet there's relatively little overlap; with an event like the MTT, these teams can come together and test their mettle against some unfamiliar foes.

So, if you're that guy who always wins at Trivial Pursuit or that girl who no one wants to watch 'Jeopardy' with anymore, why not put a team together and go for the gold? Maybe you're a massive sports fan or a movie junkie or a Maine history buff or maybe you know a little about a lot. No matter what your knowledge base, there's a place for you at the table. The Maine Trivia Tournament will welcome you with open arms no questions asked.

Well, 60 questions asked, actuallybut who's counting?

(The Maine Trivia Tournament, presented by Emera, will take placeThursday, March 31. Doors open at5pmand the tournament begins at5:30pm. Refreshments will be served and there will be a cash bar.)


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