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Her Majesty's Cabaret joins Northern Writes

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'Sells Out' to be performed at Bangor Opera House

BANGOR Penobscot Theatre Company's Northern Writes Festival has gotten a makeover this year. While it is still primarily focused on the workshopping and development of new theatrical works, the festival is spreading its wings a bit in this, its sixth year.

Part of that spread is the inclusion of other types of performance as part of the proceedings. You've got some spoken word poetry. You've got a CD launch party from local band When Particles Collide.

And, closing the festival, you've got the spirited degenerates of Her Majesty's Cabaret. HMC is bringing its newest show 'Sells Out' to the stage of the Bangor Opera House on Saturday, June 23 at 9 pm. Tickets are $10, although that admission also includes admission to any or all of the four Northern Writes readings taking place at the Opera House on Saturday.

(Please note: while the title of the show is 'Sells Out,' the show has not in fact sold out; a plentitude of tickets still remain.)

HMC's involvement in the festival has been a bit of a whirlwind.

'Back in February,' said HMC co-founder Zack Robbins, 'Bari [Newport, Artistic Director of PTC] and Jasmine [Ireland, PTC's Director of Education] suggested that we do [Northern Writes]. Of course, we agreed. We're very happy to be doing it.'

It's just one more example of the open-arms policy Newport has adopted thus far in her tenure at the theater.

'Bari has welcomed all manner of arts organizations into this theater,' said co-founder Emily Burnham.

Robbins and Burnham along with co-collaborator Brad LaBree, who Robbins praised as helping to 'keep us on the level' have put together a show that's a little different from the Her Majesty's Cabaret shows of the past. While previous productions have featured musical acts and assorted other types of performance, 'Sells Out' is composed almost entirely of comedic sketches and video installations balls-to-the-wall comedy, all of it springing forth from the minds of Robbins, Burnham and LaBree. Bangor's Living Dolls and the dance troupe Paradigm East will also be performing.

And lest we forget, doing something like HMC is far from easy both in terms of creation and in terms of logistics.

'We raised the money for this show through Kickstarter,' said Burnham. 'It was really great to see the support that we have throughout the community.'

'And,' added Robbins, ' this might be the first [show] where we had all of our st together. I'm not even that nervous this time; I just want to get it done.'

And get it done they shall. 'Sells Out' is expected to run about an hour and a half with an intermission. There will also be merchandise available. Additionally, Robbins, Burnham and LaBree extended an invitation to all those interested for an informal post-show sojourn to Nocturnem Draft Haus, the venue that has served as a de facto home base for Her Majesty's Cabaret.

So if you're looking for some Saturday night laughs, you should make your way to the Bangor Opera House at 9 pm for Her Majesty's Cabaret 'Sells Out.' It is homegrown humor at its very best.

(In addition to the June 23 show, Her Majesty's Cabaret will present 'Sells Out' at Nocturnem on Thursday July 5 at 9 pm. For more information on HMC, you can find them on Facebook.)


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