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Why Buy Professional?

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Is your hair hard to deal with? Is your hair hard to deal with?

How many times have you left your salon and your hairdresser feeling and looking like a million bucks? The next day, you shower and attempt to style your hair exactly the same way only to quickly discover that it looks absolutely nothing like it did when they did it. Wonder why that is? Well, here are a few reasons.

Your stylist does this for a living, all day, every day. We are trained and experienced in all things hair. This is always a factor in this equation that you can't change. Hairdressers have the knowledge and experience along with the advantage of being at a completely different angle while styling your hair. There is a bit of truth to your feeling that you could never style it like him/her at home - you just can't. That said, a few things should happen in order to make your styling at home easier so that you can make sure your new haircut and/or color looks its best at home. 

Your stylist should explain to you how they are styling it and how you could style it at home yourself. Those two things are usually different. I don't believe you should have to take more than 10 minutes to do your hair on a daily basis. If you have a good haircut, it won't. Your stylist should also be recommending and explaining all the products and tools that they use on your hair while styling it.  

Professional products are better for several reasons. Professional products are high quality and really do go in and repair your hair and solve your styling issues. Other products just don't do that. They will have a high PH value (which strips your hair), they contain waxes and are also very watered down (which means you're going to use twice as much as a professional). Professional grade styling tools are also a huge factor in keeping your hair looking its best. If you use a styling tool and/or a blow dryer on a daily basis, then invest in a quality product that is not going to damage your hair and, in fact, can add hydration and pure shine. These tools are high quality and extremely durable. They come with a warranty and will be repaired or replaced if anything happens to them. 

The next time you ask yourself 'Why doesn't my hair look as good at home as it did in the salon?' make sure you take all of my recommendations into account and listen to your hairdresser. If your hairdresser has failed to inform you or teach you, then ask them for a lesson and to be specific the next time you are in. You are, after all, there to have your hair done right.

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