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Who doesn't like a little sparkle?

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Who doesn't like a little sparkle? Who doesn't like a little sparkle?

I spent the whole weekend after Thanksgiving decorating my house for Christmas. I always get excited to dig out all of my things and put them out to enjoy again. Each year I like to change it up a little bit, and I'm always looking to add more sparkle everywhere. As I was admiring the sparkle I was pulling out of my Christmas storage boxes I thought to myself, 'Everyone needs more sparkle in their hair.'

This is the time of year that everything dries out and lacks moisture. I encourage you to add some sparkle to your hair with hair color. There are so many options to achieve this, and it doesn't mean a drastic change in your current look. It just means shiny and luxurious hair that will have everyone staring. You can get sparkle in your hair many ways. Maybe you just need to stop putting yourself on the bottom of your to-do list and call to make an appointment with your hairdresser to get your color touched up. Using a demi-permanent color (lasts about four weeks and is a deposit-only color) can add extreme hydration and shine to your hair without really changing your color, unless you're looking for a more drastic change. There is even the option of just adding a clear color to your hair. I call it a 'top-coat.' Think about what a top-coat of nail polish does for your nails and how shiny it makes it. This is what a clear color can do for your hair. 

Healthy, shiny hair is always on trend and is the easiest way to give yourself a little pick-me-up during the crazy holiday season. It will protect your hair through the harsh winter months and leave it healthy and happy. This process is fast and easy. It's also affordable. 

So if you just love things that sparkle and shine, why isn't your hair doing that for you? Give your stylist a call and make some time for a quick little pick me up. Tell them you need some sparkle. Make sure you do it now; most hairdressers are very busy the month of December and space is limited and goes fast. Go sparkle!

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