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Where do you buy your products?

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Have you noticed salon products on the shelf at the local grocery store and/or pharmacy? Most likely you have, and I am here to tell you why you shouldn't participate in purchasing those products.

Professional hair care products from any line such as Paul MItchell, Matrix, Crew, Sebastian and more are professional products only. This means that they are to only be sold in a hair salon by a licensed cosmetologist. No other businesses are licensed to carry or sell these professional products in their stores. This is called diversion and it is illegal. There are many, many lawsuits out there right now to fight this very thing. I know for a fact that Paul MItchell spends millions fighting this and I have personally noticed less and less Of Paul MItchell on shelves where it should not be.

Compare this process to buying a Coach bag at a local home party. We all know that the likelihood of that 'Coach' bag being authentic is slim to none, right? If we walked into the Coach store, we are guaranteed that it is in fact a Coach bag. The quality of this product is also guaranteed. Same thing goes for professional hair products. If you see them on any shelf outside of a hair salon (this goes for online as well), please know that these products are fake, counterfeit and/or purchased from the black market. John Paul Dejoria, CEO of John Paul MItchell Systems, has purchased back these products off a local pharmacy shelf and tested them. They were not real, and in fact they were so old that they contained high enough levels of bacteria to make you or I sick! That is reason enough I think, don't you?

Please don't support those who want to participate in putting these products on their store shelf illegally. Not only are you going to pay more for them then you would in a salon, you are not getting the level of service and support that goes along with these great products.

Your hairdresser knows your hair best. Take their advice and recommendations. Support them and local small business by purchasing your wonderful professional products from them.

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