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Spring is the best time of year for hairdressers in the Northeast. The sun shows its face, the temperatures warm up, and my phone starts ringing. Many clients want a change with their look and they want it now - and it's usually a big one. I fall into this category myself: if I am going to change my hair drastically, it will happen in the spring. 

This column is for those of you who haven't dared to try something new yet. Why not? I am here to tell you, it's time. Look at pictures of yourself in the last few years and even beyond. If you see the same old hairstyle, run to the phone and call your hair stylist. 

There is no better way to energize you than to do something fun and different with your hair. If you want to brighten yourself up, take years off your age, motivate yourself or just plain act a little crazy, then change your hairstyle! Do you have long hair? Cut it off. Don't have bangs? Get some. Have gray hair? Color it. Never gotten foils? Try it. Don't trust your hairstylist to do it? Find one that you do trust. 

Sometimes even the smallest of details can make a huge impact on your look. Bangs are the biggest way to take years off and completely change your overall look. Full straight across bangs, side bangs, short-funky bangs - doesn't matter. Any of these choices work. Remember: it is just hair, it grows back. Worst-case scenario? You don't like them, so you grab a bobby pin and twist them back for a few weeks. 

If you have long hair and you have never cut it off, do it now. If you have at least eight inches of hair to cut, you can donate it to locks of love. Short and sassy hair is huge right now! There are so many cute options, and it will leave you with super easy hair to style through the summer months. 

If you have gray hair, there is no need of that. There are so many easy and affordable options for you to turn back time, cover them up and leave your hair shiny and amazing. If you have never tried foil highlights, now is the time - and the color options are endless here. Just a few foils usually only sets you back about $40 and if placed correctly in your hair, will make a huge impact of your look. We live in a three-dimensional world, and your hair should too.

If you have gotten in a styling rut, set up a consultation with your hairstylist and talk with them about some choices. Ask them what they would do and don't give them any restrictions on what they can do. See what they recommend. Remember, this is what we do every day. Sometimes you hairdresser may not have suggested a change to you because you really haven't given her any impression that you would welcome that. If after this you don't trust your hairdresser to do something drastic, then I suggest you find one that you do trust. Take a risk, embrace change and enter summer looking your absolute best!


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