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Tomato Tomata

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You say tomato, I say tamato - so true in many areas of life, and most definitely with your hair. Many of you, I am sure, have gone to get your hair done and come out with something different than you expected. It can be frustrating on both ends. As a stylist, I want to make your day every time you see me. I want you to love what I did for you.

Communication is the key in any relationship, especially in your relationship with your hair stylist. And communication is a two way street.

What you think of as a pixie may be closer to what is technically a bob. You may have even brought in a picture of a style or color you like, but it still may not have turned out as you hoped. Why, do you ask? Lack of a thorough consultation and communication are to blame. If you said, 'I want a pixie,' I would ask you to show me and tell me exactly what you consider a pixie. You want chocolate brown hair and now that it is done, you don't see that in the mirror. You see red, your best friend sees gold and the hairdresser sees the brown you asked for. We are all looking at the same thing, but we see it differently or we describe it differently. No one is really wrong in this situation, but someone is not happy, and I bet it is going to be you.

How do you avoid this situation? Talk, talk and talk some more. Really prepare and look at pictures. Bring in pictures of what you want, what you like and what you don't like about hairstyles/colors. Think about what it is in the pictures that attracts you. If you bring a picture of a platinum blonde hair color and we don't talk any further about it, you're going to get Marilyn Monroe blonde, when really you liked the brightness and tone of the blonde in the picture and were thinking you just wanted a few foils of that color. That is an extreme example, but that has happened.

Make sure you trust your stylist and can communicate with them. Let them know ahead of time what you are thinking about doing at your next appointment to make sure they have planned enough time and are ready. It is even a good idea to email pictures back and forth. I know I love doing that with clients. It is fun and we both get excited for our next visit.

The outcome of your next salon visit should be a positive one all the way around. Ensure that it is by going in prepared and realistic and take the time to talk with your stylist. Be honest if you are not happy with the outcome; your stylist cannot read your mind any better than your husband can. You have to speak up.

We want you to look and feel your best. A stylist's work is like living art walking around town. Everyone should love it!


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