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These are a few of my favorite things

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I consider myself a pretty frugal person. Here are a few of my favorite bargains:

  1. Coconut oil - a.k.a. miracle in a jar. There isn't anything you cannot use this stuff for. I have a jar of it in every room of my house. It is what I use to moisturize and cleanse my skin. You will be so amazed at all the things you can do with it; just go and Google the benefits of coconut oil. Coconut oil is also antibacterial, so I put it on rashes, cuts and scrapes for myself and the kiddos.
  2. Kat Von D eyeshadow - I absolutely love eyeshadow, and this is one of those times that you have to spend a little more money. Her shadow palates are amazing, and you need to use such a small amount (they are super concentrated) that it will last you forever! I have had mine so long that I knew it must have expired and was time to replace it. It still looked like I had barely used it and was 3 years old. This shadow stays on all day long. I definitely recommend them.
  3. My Paul Mitchell professional Ion Dry blow dryer - I cannot tell you what a difference buying a professional quality blow dryer makes. Many people wonder why they can't style their own hair the way their hairdresser does once they get home. One of the biggest reasons is the tools you are using. A professional dryer, like the Paul Mitchell one I use, actually can hydrate your hair by infusion ions into each hair strand. It leaves your hair shiny and gorgeous. Invest in a quality and professional dryer. Just because it says it is 'ionic' doesn't mean it actually is. See a professional for this - and by professional, I mean your hairdresser.
  4. A boar hair bristle brush - It is so important, no matter the length of your hair, to brush your hair every single day. I love my boar bristle brush. It is gentle to my hair and strong enough to properly exfoliate my scalp. It is important to brush also to spread out the natural oils that your body produces
  5. Do Terra Essential Oils - I absolutely cannot live without my oils. These oils are pure therapeutic grade. I use them for multiple reasons, and I use them every day by diffusing them at my salon and at home. I use them topically and I take them like a supplement. I can tell you that no one in my home or business got sick this winter. I swear by these oils and the health benefits. If we can prevent or treat something naturally, why not?

If you have questions about any of these items or anything else, you can always email me anytime at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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