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Take your stylist home with you

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How many of you style your hair every day? I bet you use a blow dryer, curling iron, maybe a flat iron. How many of you out there consider the way your hair looks to be one of the most important things to you? I imagine the majority of you would rank your hair in the top three things that will make or break your day. After all, this is one of the reasons I have a job. Our hair is important to us, it is our billboard to the world and we want it to look nice. We all are searching for the quick fix in life and the perfect products to make our hair look its best. But if your hair is this important to you, why are you not protecting your investment?

It costs money to have your hair done. Depending on what you have done to it, the price will vary. You love how you feel when you leave the hairdresser and you will most likely tell him/her that you wish you could take them home with you. No, I am not psychic - I hear that from almost every single one of my clients. It puzzles me when people care this much about their hair and spend the money to have it look a certain way and then they don't protect that investment and take care of it between visits to the salon. Often times you will find yourself loving your hair at the salon and the next day and then over the next few weeks you become frustrated and think maybe the hairdresser is at fault. Sorry to say it is not their fault, it's yours.

If you wish you could take your hairdresser home with you, you'll be happy to hear that you can and you should! How? By listening to their recommendations and using the products and tools they use on your hair at home. If you are styling your hair with heat every single day and not using a quality styling tool that your hairdresser suggests, don't expect your hair to look like it did at the salon. It is time to protect your investment in your hair. If you see a hairdresser regularly for cuts and/or color, then this is the person you should be buying your products and tools from. They know your hair best and how to protect it and make it look its best. Next time you are in for your hair appointment, ask them to recommend the tools and products they use on you so you can do the same at home. If they already have suggested and you haven't listened, it is time to. Professional products and tools come with a guarantee and warranty. You may spend a bit more up front for an amazing blow dryer, but you will have it a long time (with a warranty) and your hair is going to look and feel amazing. I guarantee it!


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