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Take the leap

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Editor's Note: This article initially ran on Aug. 14, 2013.

Have you ever just gone out on a limb and tried something totally new? I think we all get too comfortable in life with our day to day routine. Summer is almost over; before we know it, we will be dreaming of warm summer nights as we hibernate for winter. I say try something new before we are stuck in our house trying to keep warm. I recently have done that myself and I am telling you first hand, that it feels great!

I am a hairdresser and have worked in the business now for over 10 years. I am constantly encouraging people to step out of their comfort zone with their hair. I want them to trust me and take a chance. In the big scheme of things, what do you really have to lose? It is hair, it grows back, and think of how fun it could be trying new styles while it is growing and changing. Don't listen to what everyone else tells you to do with your hair (yes, I mean your man and your family). Think about what you would do if you just had the guts to go for it.

Pinterest is great for this. You can browse for hours and make your own hairstyle board. Start collecting some pictures of both extremes of hairstyles, from the 'I love this so much and wish I could pull this off,' stuff to the more simple styles that you would be willing to try. Show all of them to your hairdresser the next time you go visit. I am quite sure your stylist will not only love looking at the pictures with you, but he or she may have a solution to combine the best of both worlds.

What are you hanging on to? So many of us (me included) hang onto our hair and don't want to cut it, even when it really needs it. I felt like I needed to start 'walking the walk' of all my articles and advice I give, so I recently cut most of my hair off. I have not had short hair like this in years!

What I really learned in doing so is that I was hiding behind my hair too. I have lost over 20 pounds in the last year and have been training hard at the gym with a goal of running a half-marathon. I have come a long way, and the one thing that really made me step out of that comfort zone was cutting my hair. It is a style even I have to get used to and play with to find out how I want to style it, but I can't tell you how freeing it feels.

I too get nervous about change. I did it, and I hope you do too. Take the leap and you'll see how good you'll feel.


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