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Sometimes, always or never

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This week we are going to play a little game. I have a few questions for you, and I want you to answer them with one of these responses: sometimes, always or never. Ready? Here we go.

Q: Should you color your hair on your own at home?

A: Never

This really should be a no brainer, but for some of you it is not. The ads you see and the promises that they make are just lies. You are not going to save money by coloring your hair at home and I also can promise you hair is not going to look and feel shiny and healthy. The truth is that these over-the-counter products are unpredictable and harsh chemicals. There is a reason that we hairdressers have to go to school and pass a state test to be licensed to color and cut hair. Put the box down and call a professional.

Q: Should you brush your hair daily even if your hair is short?

A: Always

It does not matter the length of your hair when it comes to brushing your hair. Long or short, you should be brushing your hair daily. Brushing your hair has a multitude of benefits for your scalp and hair. It will stimulate blood flow to the scalp, which helps hair grow. It will exfoliate your scalp, preventing flaking or dandruff. Brushing your hair also helps to distribute the natural oils on your scalp throughout your hair. These natural oils are good for you and your hair. They are a priceless conditioning treatment. Make sure you brush your hair.

Q: Is it OK to trim your own bangs?

A: Sometimes

I answer this question with sometimes, simply because I know you are going to do it anyways. I want you to do it safely. I always recommend popping into your hairdresser for the five minutes it will take to trim them. I also am realistic and I know what happens in the morning when they are driving you crazy. Take the area of your bangs (less is more), twist that section and with small scissors snip (keyword here is snip) the ends of that hair. Do what you have to do to get through the day and call your hairdresser for a professional full trim and shaping of your bangs.

Q: I see professional products at my local drug/grocery store; can I just buy them there?

A: Never

It is illegal for those products to be sold by anyone except a professional hairdresser and hair salon. There are many multi-million dollar lawsuits under way as we speak. There is no way to know if those products are legit. Some of them are so old that they have been proven to contain high levels of bacteria, enough to make you sick. You are also going to pay a whole lot more for these there then you would at your local salon. Support local business and know what you are buying by only purchasing professional hair care products from a salon.

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