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Short is in

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Chop it off! Chop it off!

My clients are always asking me about the new trends. I tend to think that there is never just one trend in hair. I have, however, been telling everyone for the last year that this trend was coming and I think it is speaking for itself these days with many celebrities joining in. What is this trend you ask? Short hair is in, and in a big way. 

I could sense it was time for this trend to resurface after years of everyone wanting long hair and even spending tons on extensions in order to achieve this look. You started seeing celebrities cutting their hair, which most likely is them being forced to take a break from extensions in all reality. Either way, we have seen hair getting shorter and shorter.

I jumped on this train. 'The Great Gatsby' is one of my all-time favorite books, and when I saw the movie I knew it would start the trend towards shorter hair. I, for one, couldn't wait to cut my hair like Daisy Buchanan. 

But cutting your hair takes some guts. I believe many of us hide behind our hair, and once it is gone more of us is exposed. It takes some getting used to for sure. For me, it was a couple weeks. I found myself playing with makeup and wanting to wear bigger earrings. I found myself paying more attention to the details of my wardrobe, and it paid off. Everywhere I go now, I get compliments on my hair and even my makeup. I believe now people are noticing the real me. Plus, if all of us have long hair, then we all just blend in and look the same. I say it is time to stand out, gain some confidence and cut your hair. 

Short hair does require more frequent trips to your hairstylist. You'll need to see them every four to six weeks at least. As the hair grows in, the layers and shape easily get lost. Trust your hairstylist and their recommendations of when you should come back to see them as well as the products you will need to keep your style looking great. I find with shorter hair I need a lot more products in my hair and I love using them. On a daily basis, I find my hair is super fast to style, and it looks great and stays that way all day long. 

I know most of you would think that summer would be a time to go short, but I disagree. Short hair looks great during winter months with scarves and turtlenecks. You have six months before summer comes, which also gives you time to grow it back out in time for a ponytail. 

Take the plunge and try something new. Don't hide behind your hair - show off your beautiful face. Sometimes we have to switch up one thing in our life, and by doing so you'll jump start it. Trust me!


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