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Party hair

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The holidays are here, and that means parties, parties, parties. Clients ask me for suggestions all the time on ways to style hair for that upcoming party. I say it may be a nice treat for yourself to make an appointment and let your stylist do it for you. I know that may not be in the budget for all of you, so here are a few tricks that you can do at home to give yourself some party hair. The key to success is to keep it simple. Don't try to make it perfect, and don't try to fight what it is your hair really wants to do. How I style my clients' hair in the salon and how I can actually style my own hair at home is completely different. Don't put pressure on yourself to be able to duplicate what your stylist can do to your hair in the salon. Remember this is what we do and we have the advantage of being at a completely different angle. I can't even style my hair the way I can on other people. Supplies to have on hand to create your do-it-yourself-party hair are bobby pins, hair tie, styling product (gel, mouse, etc.), hairspray and accessories (i.e. pretty clips or a head band).

I suggest getting yourself some hot rollers if you don't already have some. I tell clients all the time that hot rollers are my personal secret weapon at home. When I want to style my hair quickly and easily with guaranteed results that will look great, I grab the hot rollers. There is not a specific brand that I recommend. In fact I got mine in 1996 for Christmas and they still work great. There is no secret to putting them in; however, I do suggest putting them in different directions and using larger rollers. The size of the roller dictates the size of the curls. Once they cool and you take them out, just shake your hair and spray it. Don't fuss with it too much or freak that it is too big or bouncy. It will settle and be perfect by the time you get to the party.

Lucky for you, the pony tail is a hot trend right now and always looks great. It easily can be dressed up by adding a little tease to the top of your hair to give your party pony a little edge. This style requires some tease, an elastic and hair spray, and in five minutes you are ready to go. Add some great earrings and you are holiday party ready.

The braid in all shapes and sizes is very popular right now. Placing a random braid in one part of your hair is fun, creative and super easy. Don't be too particular with trying to make it perfect or tight. In fact, once you put the braid in, pull on it a little to mess it up. I like this option because it works on all hair types. My personal secret when my bangs are not cooperating is to braid them to the side. One little bobby pin and some hairspray holds it in place and dresses up my hairstyle.

It doesn't get any easier than adding some sparkle to your hair. This time of year sparkly things are just everywhere. Today there are so many fun hair accessories out there, but if you are in a pinch, just use something you have at home. Brooches, pins and pieces of jewelry you already have can easily be added to your hair. Think outside of the box a bit and have fun.

If you won't have time to go home after work, adding a sparkly hair accessory is what will take your hair from day to night.

Remember not to fuss with it too much. Keep it simple and have fun. When all else fails, call your hairstylist.


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