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Prom and wedding season is fast approaching. I have to admit, this this is absolutely one of my favorite times of the year. After the longest winter ever, it is nice to think about warmer weather, bright colored prom dresses and the laughs and joy that a wedding day brings.

It is important to leave you hairstyle to a professional for this or any special event in your life. I know that there are many pictures and how-to videos out there that make it look easy. But if hairstyling were easy, all the salons that exist would be out of business. If you want to look your absolute best on your big day, make sure you schedule your appointment and do it fast!

The first step is to get your appointment booked. Prom and weddings usually happen on Saturday, and that is the busiest day in a salon. If a salon or a specific hairdresser has a good reputation for doing an updo and/or makeup, you can bet that they may already be booked. Most weddings book a year ahead of time, which is smart. Once you have the date of your event, next call is to the hairdresser. If you are getting married, you may also consider having the stylist come to you at your location to get ready. Check to see if this is something that they offer, but expect to pay more than you would going in to the salon.

I recommend a verbal consultation only. Formal hairstyling is very specific, and expecting it to come out the same twice is unrealistic and sets you and the stylist up for failure. There is no need to add extra stress to your day. The best thing you can do is bring pictures and sit down with your stylist to talk about what you like and what you don't like. The stylist may want to play with your hair and see how it takes a curl or goes up. They may have recommendations for you as far as color, conditioning treatment and the need for extensions to complete your look. I strongly discourage a full run through, but I highly suggest a verbal consultation. 

When it comes to the day of the event, I tell my clients that dirty hair is best. Freshly washed hair does not hold curls well, nor does it stay up as well. If the hair needs to be washed, then they stylist will do that themselves prior to a blow-out or they will tell you it needs to be done. Trust me when I tell you not to wash your hair. Don't worry that it is going to look dirty or greasy or 'smell.' There are going to be a ton of products going into your hair the day of your event and the majority of that is hairspray. Hairspray contains alcohol, and alcohol can dry out your hair. I tell my clients if they insist to wash their hair on the day of, they should rinse it only and use conditioner, but leave out the shampoo. 

There are very few special event moments in our lives, and prom and your wedding day are a few of the biggest ones. You want to look your absolute best and you should. Make sure you leave it to a professional. Take the time to find one that you feel comfortable with and be realistic about your look and what your hair will and won't do. Trust the hairdresser to know best, and I promise you will look fabulous!


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