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Hair tells the story

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Do you know how much your stylist knows about you simply by working with your hair? Your stylist has a perfect view of your hair, scalp and skin when doing your hair. Everything - and I mean everything - that goes into your body comes out on your hair. Oftentimes when there is something going on within your body, good or bad, your hair will tell the story.

Recently I spoke with a client who was talking about the worry of possibly having diabetes. I told her that the dark shaded area on the back of her neck often means that you have or can have diabetes and that she should go get that checked out. Obviously my advice is just my observation of working with people - I am not a doctor. What I think is important is this aspect of the relationship that I build with clients and how much your hair really reveals about you and your body.  I can tell when my clients are pregnant often times long before they know. The reason I can tell is because there is a sudden burst of new hair growth on their scalp. My clients think I am a psychic or something, but that is not it. Most of my clients have been with me a long time and I see changes easily with their hair and scalp.    

Your hair is like a piece of fabric to your stylist, and the type of fabric that it is currently depicts the treatments and services that your hair needs in order to look its best. Trust your stylist and their recommendations for your hair. If they tell you to go get something checked out, listen. If they want to pre-treat your hair before a color service so it removes build-up from the long list of medications you are taking, let them. If they tell you your hair is not in condition to receive a service you want, trust them. Your stylist is not psychic, just observant and very knowledgeable. Your stylist really does know your hair, scalp and skin.


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