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Hair happens in Vegas

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Get a short cut? Get a short cut?

I just got back from the Paul Mitchell signature gathering in Las Vegas. I and five other stylists from my salon saved our pennies and made the trek out there to learn the latest and greatest styles and tricks to bring back to our clients. 

Many clients are going to ask us about 'the' trend we observed in cut and color. Color is the trend and lots of it! Bright, lived in, ombre, blonde, dark, red, pastel - you name it, it's there. The trend is to have color in your hair and for it to look shiny and healthy. In fact, Paul Mitchell is about to launch a new color line to give you all just that! Shines XG is coming, and the results I saw were amazing. 

When it comes to haircuts, I have been saying that the trend for fall is going to be short hair. I believe it is time for the trend to come back and for everyone who paid big bucks on extensions to rebel and cut it all off. I also think that the 'Great Gatsby' movie will play a role. Bring back the '20's, the clothes and the short hair. Beyonce, of all people just cut her hair all off. I saw a lot of great short haircuts in Vegas from all over the world. It's coming.

Men's hair cut and color trends are also changing. Men want a quality haircut, and they don't like going gray. Men's color has come a long way, and the men are starting to wear clean and sharp haircuts. Not your average clipper job either. I saw some men with some really great hair in Vegas (some nice suits too). 

Updos and hairstyling was interesting as well. The trend I saw the most (and one I actually learned hands-on, straight out of Italy), was sleek and classic styles like chignon, barrel curls and twists. The good news there is that once you get one of these styles you will not have to worry about your hair the rest of the night. Fix it and forget it.

I loved the experience I got in Las Vegas. It is such a thrill to be surrounded by 4,000 hairdressers from all over the world. We got to connect and learn from each other, and it didn't matter that we didn't actually speak the same language. We had a common language, and it was the love for what we do and for hair.


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