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Go natural

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This is the time of the year when almost every one of my clients wants a change to her look and hairstyle. It is a very fun and exciting time to be a hair stylist. I got caught in the rut of being boring, and asked a client this week 'So, are we going to just trim your hair?' She looked at me and said, 'No, we are going to cut ita LOT.' We both laughed, and I was very excited to give her a brand new haircut. Seeing the transformation in my clients is so rewarding.

Everyone always wants to know what the newest trend is, and the truth is trends just go round and round in a circle with a little twist on the way they were done before. For spring/summer 2012 it is natural highlights. If you want to be trendy, then do away with the ultra balayage hair color and/or chunky highlights and embrace fine, thin natural foils.

The great thing about this trend is that it easy to make a change to your look in as little as 10 foils in your hair. A few foils placed in the exact right spots in your hair will make a big change, brighten your look and bring out your haircut.

Remember when you got 'free' highlights in the summer just from being outside? This is the type of color I am talking about. You can give yourself highlights just like the sun would if you could bask in it for weeks in as little as an hour with a trip to the salon. This is not something you can do at home, no matter what commercials promise you. Even though it may seem simple, your hairstylist is trained and uses the best and safest products for your hair type. We know your hair, your hair cut and where the foils need to be. At home hair highlighting kits are going to leave your hair dry, damaged, blotchy and most likely, orange. It is easier and much cheaper to see a professional to have this done than to contact one after you tried it yourself. Corrective hair color will run you $100 an hour and up.

If you only need or want a few foils in your hair, you can get a new and updated look for around $25 and be ready for summer! If this is a look you absolutely fall in love with, it is also something you won't need to maintain as often as a heavier, chunkier foil. So not only will you be on trend for the season, you will have saved yourself time and money! Contact your stylist today and get on board the natural, lived-in color trend.


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