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How many times have you been standing in your bathroom mirror with a pair of scissors? How many of those times did you actually cut your hair? You are holding the scissors in your hand while thinking, 'My hairdresser is going to kill me for this.' You just can't stand it anymore, and you didn't make an appointment ahead of time - but you are going to need one after this. 

Are your bangs right in your eyes? Your hair won't do anything and it's driving you crazy? You think just cutting a little here and a little there will do for today? Stop right there and put the scissors down. Keep reading.

I am willing to bet that you didn't listen to your hairdresser's recommendation and you didn't schedule your next appointment before leaving. They told you they would need to see you again in four to six weeks to maintain your haircut and you told them you would give them a call when you had your schedule. What happens when you don't maintain your hairstyle and schedule ahead? You end up standing in front of a mirror with scissors at 10 at night ready to whack your hair off. This is followed by a panicked phone call to your stylist begging for an appointment that you should have scheduled during your last visit. As much as I completely understand my clients' frustration, I can't work magic and make a spot just appear in my schedule to accommodate you. The solution is simple: reschedule your appointments with your stylist! Listen to her recommendations when it comes to your hair, what your hair needs and how often you need to maintain your style.

Everyone is different, but every hairstyle requires an average of four to six weeks in between haircuts to keep it looking its best. Short hairstyles usually require you to return to your salon every four weeks and for some, even every three weeks. This is something to think about before you try that new trendy short haircut. Men's haircuts are always every three to four at a minimum. Medium to long hairstyles tend to require six to eight weeks but can go as long as 10 weeks. You should never go more than 12 weeks without a trim. Why? Your hair, no matter how well you take care of it, is going to split and dry out on the ends. If you don't maintain it and trim that off, it continues to dry out and split and then break. If you wait three, four or even six months, then you end up with 3-4 inches of hair that needs to be cut, and if you have been working hard to grow it out you wasted all that time and are right back to the length you had six months ago.

It is true that if you keep up on regular visits to the hairdresser that cutting your hair will make it grow faster, sort of. If you are trimming your ends and keeping them healthy then your hair will grow consistently. If you don't and the ends get dry and/or split, then your hair still grows but the ends are breaking off. This will make it seem like it isn't growing and it isn't going to look so great either. Take time to take care of yourself and your hair. Make it a habit by scheduling your future haircut before you walk out of the door. You'll thank me when you realize you haven't been in the bathroom mirror with scissors in a long time. 


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