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Don't cut hair out of your budget

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We made it through another long, cold Maine winter, and now we have that dreaded date of April 15 looming ahead. When money is already super tight, many of us will have to dig and scrape to send even more in to Uncle Sam. The past few years have been an eye opening struggle for all of us. So, now what happens to the budget? Usually the seemingly frivolous things are the first to go. A lot of you will cut your hair out of your budget and even cancel your appointment. You know what it costs the last time you got your hair cut and colored, and you know you can't afford that right now. 

Keep reading, and don't cancel that appointment. 

Talk with your stylist, tell them your budget and discuss options with them. There are many ways to maintain your look and keep it affordable. Your hair, how it looks and how you take care of it is your business card to the world. Don't forgo looking your best based on what your hair services costs at your last visit.

Does your salon separate the costs for the cut and color? Our salon changed our pricing and did just that a couple of years ago as I saw the need to save my clients money. Do you really need a haircut this visit? I have clients who want/need their color touched up every four weeks due to the amount of gray they have and how fast their hair grows back. I honestly can say that you don't need your hair cut every four weeks (unless you have a really short haircut that you want to maintain). If you are taking care of your hair and using the quality products your stylist recommends, then you can get away with cutting your hair every other visit.

One way to really save yourself some money is to "go back to your roots." Tone down your high-maintenance hair color and go with a color that is more natural and less maintenance for you. PM Shines is something I use in my salon for this. It is a demi-permanent color (lasts four to six weeks and rinses out) that you can use to change tone or go darker, you cannot go lighter with this color. It only processes 20 minutes, contains no ammonia and conditions your hair. Your hair will look and feel great. Without a cut, this service will have you in and out of the salon in a lunch hour and only cost you $30! Even cheaper and faster than PM Shines is PM Flashback. It was originally created as a men's color, but I have found it to be great for my female clients in a time or money crunch.  It processes only 10 minutes and will cover your grey with the same benefits that PM Shines gives your hair and costs $10 with a haircut and $20 for the color and style.

One last thought. Don't try to save yourself money and go buy the dreaded box color at the grocery store. I am begging you, don't do that! Not only is this color going to ruin your hair by drying it out, but it most likely is not going to turn out the way you hoped. Box color contains four times the amount of chemicals that professional color does. It is not consistent either. So, if it came out great one time, you were lucky. The next time it could do the opposite, leaving you calling your stylist frantically needing it fixed. These situations are called "Corrective Hair Color" and most stylists get upwards of $100/hour for that. In the long run, grabbing that box of color is going to costs you more than what it would have cost you if you just kept your salon appointment and talked with your stylist about ways to cut costs with your hair.  

These are just a few of the many options I have to offer all of you to save money while looking your best. So, when the tax man calls you, don't panic - and don't cancel your next hair appointment.

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