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Can you make your hair grow faster?

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How many of you are in the same boat I am? You want your hair to grow and you want it to grow now. We cut it off in minutes, and it takes years for it to grow back. It is a long process, and most of us want to know how to speed it up. The truth is, you can make it grow faster, and I have a few tips to help you and your hair.

Just like a house can't sit on an uneven foundation, you hair won't grow if it is not healthy. If you want your hair to grow, the saying is true: you have to cut your hair to grow it. You need to schedule regular visits to your hairdresser for a mini-trim session. If the ends of your hair aren't healthy, then they won't grow, they will break off. I recommend that you have your hair trimmed every 8-10 weeks when you are trying to grow it out.

While you are in the salon for your micro-trim, add an in-salon treatment to boost the health of your hair and your scalp. While there are definitely some things you can do at home (and I will share some later), you can't compare them to the treatments you can get in your salon. I recommend Paul Mitchell's keritriplex treatment. No chemicals at all, and it replaces the protein lost in your hair, making it 60 percent stronger the first treatment. Adding on a treatment to your haircut is going to boost the strength of your hair, and you are also treating yourself to a little spa service. A treatment includes a great scalp massage, some time under the dryer and a great blow-out. You are going to look and feel great. Most treatments only add on a few extra dollars to your haircut, so make sure you do this.

There are definitely some things you can and should be doing at home every day - especially when you want to grow your hair as fast as it can. Typical hair growth is 1/4' to 1/2' per month. If the rest of your hair is not healthy, it still grows, but it breaks off at the ends. This is not the time to try to go blonde or do anything that is harsh and damaging to your hair. You should be taking your vitamins, backing off over styling with heat, brushing your hair and scalp every day and using quality products at home. Coconut oil is a great at home remedy that you can use as a treatment. I recommend putting it on your hair liberally at night and washing it out in the morning.

No matter how much you try and to the right thing, patience is what you will need the most while growing out your hair. Have fun during the process and try new things with each new length. When all else fails, a cute hat or ponytail can be your best friend on a bad hair day.

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