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Beat the green

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The Summer heat wave has hit us for sure. I love this weather. Hopefully many of you are able to get outside and enjoy the short summer season that we get here in Maine - and the best way to beat the heat is to hit the pool.  

Many of us spend an awful lot of time in the pool because you are lucky enough to have one or you have a super cool friend who has one (like me). If you have not noticed a green tinge in your hair or your kids' hair by now, you will before summer is over. Blondes definitely are more prone to this than those with other hair colors. It usually grabs onto the driest part of the hair, which is the ends. The good news? There are ways to prevent it and ways to get rid of it.

Leave-in conditioner is your best friend this summer. The sunshine dries our hair out, and adding a leave-in to your routine will help to prevent that. Before you head to the beach or jump in the pool, run some through your hair to help with color fading and to protect your strands from chlorine. If you are spending the whole day in the water, just re-apply the conditioner the way you do sunscreen.

Chlorine is drying to the hair and can build up on the hair over time. Make sure you rinse your hair out after swimming in the pool each and every time. There are many professional shampoos that help remove chlorine and impurities. I would recommend contacting your hairdresser to ask them what they think is best for your hair. These products do tend to be drying to the hair, so use with caution and make sure you have a great conditioner to follow-up.

If the hair is super green and the shampoo is not working, you need to contact a professional to help with that. There are treatments and different processes they can use to get the green out of your hair. The best thing is to prevent it in the first place. So remember:

1. Use a leave-in conditioner before

2. Purchase a professional shampoo that removes chlorine and impurities

3. Rinse your hair after swimming in chlorine

If you have an appointment to have your hair colored, plan that around your pool/beach time. Your freshly-colored hair should not be exposed to the sun, sand, salt water or any water for that matter. Keep this in mind when booking your appointment. Your hair always needs 48 hours of TLC post color treatment in order for the hair to recover. The cuticle (outside layer of hair) remains open for 48 hours after a color. Washing it too soon, swimming or lying in the sun will not only damage the hair - it can alter and remove hair color.  The time and money you spent on it is wasted, and your hair pays the price. Hope these tips help - now get out and enjoy summer!


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