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Can you believe Christmas is here? I feel like the year just flew by. Soon we will be about to enter into yet another New Year: time to think about your plans, goals, resolutions, diets and more for the New Year. If you ask me, we set ourselves up for a big letdown each year, but I have something for you that I promise won't let you down this year! Have you considered a new hairdo? Why not? Take the time to treat yourself to a new hairstyle and possibly even color. After all, it is just hair, it'll grow back. I often tell my clients that hair color is just hair color: you are not marrying it, just dating it.

Start with just a new hairstyle. That means just styling your hair different without changing the actual cut you have. Need some help with ideas? Make an appointment for a shampoo and styling 101 course with your stylist. Is your hair curly? Start wearing it straight more often. Straight? Invest in some hot rollers or a great quality curling iron or curling rod and start rocking some curls! This is one of the easiest things you can do to spruce up your look.

Consider stepping out on a limb and trying a new haircut altogether. Not sure what to do? I recommend contacting your stylist for an appointment. It is our job to know what to do and be able to make suggestions. Be honest and upfront with what you really want and don't want. Communication is key to success. Go get yourself a few hairstyle magazines and start looking at them. Find things you like and don't like. You most likely won't find the perfect style in these books, but it gives you ideas and is also a great consultation tool for you and your stylist. If your stylist doesn't seem like the type who can come up with new styles or you just feel like you are in a hairstylist rut, then find a new stylist who will. If you see someone's hair that you love out in public, then ask them who does their hair. That is always the best way to find a great stylist. Take a chance and go for it!

The biggest statement you can make is changing your hair color and the easiest way to do that without the commitment is by choosing a demi-permanent color. Paul Mitchell Shine XG is amazing and what I use. It gives you incredible shine and conditioning to your hair without ammonia. Not only will you be sporting a great new hair color, you will also have treated your hair to a great deep-conditioning treatment (and your hair needs that in the winter). You can only change the tone of your current color or go darker with a demi-permanent color. So think about trying that rich chocolate brown - or even better, red! Many shades are available and each rinses out in four to six weeks.

So, going out on a limb really doesn't have to been that scary, now does it? You can go in knowing that if you don't like it, it is going to fade away.

Beat the winter blues and start the new year off by treating you and trying something new. Who knows where that will lead? Good hair just makes us all feel our best. Happiest of holidays to you.


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