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A bit too summer?'

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Fall is here and winter is on its way. Is your hair feeling and looking a bit too "summer?" Those highlights we all had to have in May combined with lots of sun exposure through the summer have left you with a whole head of dry blonde hair and now some pretty dark roots. What do you do now?

As a hairstylist, I can tell when the seasons are changing simply by the requests I get. In the spring, I do tons of blonde highlights. I always compare the amount of lightener we go through to the first sign of spring. It's our version of seeing the robins. In late summer it is the opposite. I start creating lots of redheads and taking out all those blonde highlights I created back in May. If you are one of those who has way too much blonde in your hair right now and you aren't quite sure what to do, here is what I recommend.

When you highlight your hair, you are actually removing pigment from the hair. This is why it dries your hair out. When you reverse that process, you are filling in color, which is going to make it feel fuller and healthier. This is also why darker hair always gets so much more shine than blonde hair. Going darker doesn't mean you have to go back to your root color all over your head and become a brunette - it just means any color that is darker than what you currently have.

I recommend adding dimension back into your hair by choosing a few different tones. Consult with your stylist, check out the color swatch book and choose a few different blonde and light brown tones. Add these back into your hair by foiling. This is going to make your hair look and feel much healthier and more natural. Be a bit daring and add in some warm or golden tones to really bring some fall into your hair color. Foiling is going to allow your hairstylist the ability to put the colors you have chosen together right where you want them throughout your hair. Adding two or three colors to your hair is going to give you a much more natural appearance. Natural color has more than one tone.

I also recommend using a glaze (a semi- or demi-permanent-hair-color) on all of the hair that is not put into foils. This is just going to be like a conditioning treatment and leave your entire head of hair looking new, fresh, shiny and fabulous!

The changing of the seasons is always a good time to change your hair and your look, even if it something subtle and simple. Think about toning down that summer blonde, darkening your already brunette hair or just going red! Whatever you do, consult with your stylist and remember that it is just hair color and it always can be changed!


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