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Creative costumes on a budget

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Halloween isn't all about the candy; it is also finding the right costume. For adults the store-bought options are limited and expensive. So for those of you who are fed up with spending an arm and a leg for a costume or you find yourself invited to a last-minute Halloween party and have nothing to wear, a little creativity and digging around your closet is all you need to create a memorable outfit for the holiday.

Here are a couple of costume ideas and how-tos we came up with that should cost you little to nothing to put together.

Black Eyed Peas - dress in green attire and use black eyeliner on a cotton ball to dot around one eye, covering as much of the eye in black as you desire.

Cowboy/Cowgirl - cowboy hat, jeans/jean skirt, flannel or plaid top, boots. Women can put their hair in pigtail braids as a finishing touch.

Ke$ha - this look is all about the bed head. Ladies, let your hair be messy and matted, then use a comb to add a little volume at the roots. Heavily rim your eyes with black eyeliner and apply many coats of mascara. For clothing, black or graphic tees, ripped pantyhose or fishnets and daisy duke short shorts. Now proceed to throw glitter all night long.

Charlie Sheen - a bowling shirt (not to be confused with a bowling league shirt), shorts, white socks and loafers. You have the option of adding and/or carrying a glass and cigar all night.

Sarah Palin - Grab your bumpit (a hair accessory that gives a voluminous poof) or tease the crown of your hair, wear it half up half down in a barrette, add glasses, pearls, and wear a flattering business suit or just 'go rogue' with your attire.

Barbie/Beauty Contestant - Reuse an old prom dress and accessorize accordingly. This also works for any 80s or prom queen costumes.

Facebook Page - This is our favorite and most creative costume. Take a piece of poster board and cut out a hole for your face. Now take markers and create your Facebook profile. Don't forget to add Wall, Info, Photos and Friends tabs. Be creative when 'posting' your status update on your costume.

Reporter - Grab a notebook and pen. If you really want to go all out, turn your hairbrush into a microphone by wrapping the bristles in black nylons. For attire, sport a business suit.

Clown - All you really need here is some face paint and a wig if you desire. Then mix and match clothes and borrow a friend's pair of shoes that are too big.

Athlete - Wear your favorite jersey and, according to sport, a baseball cap and eye black. Hunter/Logger - Flannel shirt and blaze orange, boots, jeans and a trucker cap.

Homeless Person/Bum - Ripped clothing, disheveled, nothing tucked in. Make your own 'will work for food' or 'donations for beer' sign. Don't forget your collection cup!

Walk of Shame - Again, disheveled clothing and bed head. To really commit to this costume, ladies can wear only an oversized men's button up and a pair of heels. Attach anything that may have been acquired the previous night such as beer cans, wrappers, and lipstick stains.

Reality Star - Pick your favorite show, most popular currently are Real Housewives, Jersey Shore, Keeping up with the Kardashians and Survivor contestants. Pull out clothes from your own wardrobe that best matches your favorite star.

Witch - Black dress, black heels and a witch hat. Carrying a broom and or a black cat stuffed animal is optional.

Working American - Borrow a friend's uniform, be careful not to impersonate a police officer or any other government officials. That being said, postal worker, CMP line crewman, fast food restaurant uniform and scrubs are all good.

Costume Swap - call a friend who wears a similar size and borrow or swap previous year's costumes.

Suggestions from our twitter followers:

Marv and Harry from 'Home Alone' -Andrew Loring, @AJLandmines

Jamaican Bobsled Team -Martin Earley, @MartinEarley

Zombie Bride -Melanie Kollman, @Observer1014 

Wear a t-shirt that says "Go Ceilings!" and say you are a ceiling fan, @wy1dsta1yn

'It's good to combine two different things sometimes. Dad was a Cowboy Frankenstein once.'

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