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Comfort from beyond

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A medium visits the Filibuster Lounge in Hermon

HERMON Jeannie Hopkins of Light and Love Readings is a spiritual medium who is performing 'Gallery readings' at the Filibuster Lounge at the Best Western in Hermon. Hopkins noted that she is in contact with friends and relatives from beyond the grave who want to talk to their friends and family who are still living. She will be at the Filibuster on March 12 and 26 at 6 p.m.

Hopkins said she was drawn to being a medium after she suffered many deaths of people close to her in close succession. She visited a medium and found a lot of comfort in communing with her loved ones and wanted to give that to others.

'I became like a sponge I wanted to know everything I could possibly learn about [being a spiritual medium]. I wanted to take that pain away from people, like it had for me,' she said. 'It doesn't alleviate everything, but it made a huge difference.'

Doing gallery readings is actually a new experience for Hopkins, who said that prior to this she was happy doing the more private reads (one-on-one).

'I didn't want to do galleries for a long time. I've watched [other mediums] do galleries, and there's a limit of what can be said,' she said. But she started doing them because she found it's an informal way for some people to experience working with a medium without pressure. She promises that she won't be pulling all of your skeletons out of a closet.

Though aware of skeptics, Hopkins said she isn't out to try to convert people or change minds, but give comfort to those who seek it.

During the gallery reading that took place on Feb. 26, Hopkins had guests sit in a circle around her. She would describe the gender and cause of death. Sometimes she would indicate a profession or note if they had any personal issues that sounded familiar to the audience. She relies on the audience to speak out if they hear something that sounds familiar. She asks the audience to respond with 'yes' or 'no,' and to not explain or expand upon their answers. If things appear 'off,' she would like to be told especially with gallery reads, as it could be a family member or friend of someone else in the audience with a similar background, but different details.

Many people in the audience were moved to tears when communing with Hopkins. But she noted that people do not need a medium to reach out to their loved ones, that they are there all the time.

'They are always listening and you don't need a medium. People ask all the time and say I can't feel them' You know their energy. When you lose a loved one, when they do come back around it's a common feeling for you,' she said, noting that to her, the feeling would be different, because she wasn't familiar with those people. But because the family member or friend would be acclimated to the presence they wouldn't even notice them.

If you are interested in learning more you can find Hopkins on Facebook under Love and Light Readings or call her at (207) 951-8074.


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