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Brewer Costume Swap

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Go green this Halloween

BREWER - Want to save money? Going green this Halloween is one way to do that. Debra Daigle, coordinator of Brewer Costume, is a huge supporter of going green on Halloween. She encourages the public to recycling and reusing everything from costumes to decorations.

"I happened to come across the green Halloween website [] and as I was reading along, it just fit with everything I thought of Halloween; there's too much sugar, too much waste," Daigle said.

So Daigle got involved, partnered with Green Halloween, and began coordinating a Halloween costume swap in Brewer. This year's event was held at Snap Fitness in the Twin City Plaza on State Street.

"Personally the thought was it would be for people who couldn't afford a costume, but now it's about trying to recycle everything we can," she said. "I just read online that a friend spent $84 for four kids' costumes. A lot of times kids only wear them once, outgrow them, and you have to spend more money next year. Why not donate them so you're not filling up a landfill or wasting space in your closet? $84 is a light bill, quarter tank of oil, or groceries for a week."

Daigle has expanded the costume swap to include holiday decorations that people can take home and reuse. She also puts out a display each year of alternative treats, such as pencils, stickers, and Play-Doh, that can be given to kids trick or treating. This frugal mom even has a few ideas for some great homemade costumes that won't cost you a dime.

"My favorite homemade costumes of all times are scarecrows and bums. I know my husband and I went as Mr. and Mrs. Scarecrow in things old and ripped because that's always stuff you have around," Daigle explained.

Brewer Costume still has a few costumes sizes 18 months - 5T left over from the event for those looking for Halloween attire for their little ones. For more information, log on to or call 385-5889.

For other "eek-o-friendly" Halloween ideas, log on to

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