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Terese Makes a Tapestry'

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Beautiful blending of historical storytelling and art

For those who love a good story, enjoy history and rich detailed pictures will fall in love with 'Terese Makes a Tapestry, by Alexandra D. Hinrichs and Illustrated by Renee Graef ($19.95, Getty Publications). This richly illustrated children's picture book takes readers back to the 1600s, when Louis XIV reigned in France. Terese is the daughter of an artist and enjoys working on the yarns for the renowned Gobelin's Manufactory that creates stunning tapestries for royalty, and though women are not permitted to weave there, Teresa still dreams of working there some day.

Wanting to create a tapestry of her own as a gift to her father, she has to enlist the help of her brothers to make it a reality.

The story is rich with history, educating about the craft of weaving without ever becoming dry or adopting a lecturing tone. The story goes into the intricate process involved in weaving, everything from gathering the materials to the process of making a 'cartoon' to the thread for the border work, how the thread is dyed and even how Terese barters and wheedles to get the materials she needs for her gift.

When the day comes to present the small tapestry to her father, she's in for an even bigger surprise.

This is a lovely way to introduce children into the wonderful intricacies of history through the trades of the people who lived in those times. The story and the vivid imagery are a wonderful pairing in this delightful and informative book.


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