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Area dogs are barking mad over 'BarkDannas'

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NEWBURGH - To say Janice Kanzler is an animal lover would be an understatement. As the owner of Groomin' on 202 in Newburgh, she is not only a dog groomer but also a pet tech, pet sitter and the creator of BarkDannas, the "Kno-Knot bandanna" made especially for dogs. 

"Animals have always been my passion," Janice Kanzler said. 

She started making 'BarkDannas' in 2012 after her dog's traditional bandanna failed to stay tied around his neck while he was outdoors.

"I used to have a Schnauzer, and every time you him let out his bandanna would loosen up, so I wanted to try a bandanna that would stay on," she explained.

Kanzler tried making a bandanna with a snap at first but quickly abandoned that idea for a bandanna with a buckle.

"They make all different types and sizes of buckles. They even make them with curves," Kanzler said.

"[Now] when I put my border collie/lab's bandanna on, it's almost like she sticks her neck out [waiting for it]."

The one drawback to her creations is they're not adjustable. 

"There's the standard eight, nine, 10 or 11 inch BarkDannas and they range in price from $8-$14," she explained. "But if people don't see what they want or the right size, they can request one. I can usually make a bandanna in a day or two."

Her most popular BarkDannas are anything with a holiday theme or paw prints.

"She gave my dog Riggs one as a gift at Christmas. It has dogs wearing Santa hats on one side and on the other side is stars," explained Anne O'Reilly of Hampden. "I like everything about it. It washes easy, it fits nicely and it looks awesome on him."

Kanzler is hoping to get her BarkDannas into area pet shops and stores, but until that happens dog owners can find them at For Dogs Boutique in Holden or by logging on to Kanzler's Facebook page: Groomin' on 202/LuckyPaws/BarkDannas. She also sells them at area festivals, fairs and doggy-related events.

"I think they're a great little item. They fit so well, and a dog's collar can go right above them,"

said Kanzler. "But I think the most fun I have is actually fitting the material to the dog's owners. I love to see people's faces when you put the bandanna on [their dog]. It cracks me up."  


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