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An Ode to Beer

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(In honor of National Beer Day on April 7, we are re-running this classic expression of The Maine Edge's everlasting love for beer.)

I do believe that I shall never find

A beverage that tastes so very right

As you, sweet beer, and all those of your kind;

Your foamy head is a creamy delight.

Your colors excite, be they dark or pale;

There is beauty in your condensation

And delicious crispness within your scent.

I take great pleasure in every detail

Of this truly inspiring creation,

With nary an instant of discontent.

You've yet to fail to satisfy me, beer;

An affection you would never betray.

That love began in my 21st year

And continues still to this very day.

Your refreshing nature is coy and cool;

There's always a chance that you will surprise,

Though always informed with lan and joy.

Men who deny you are nothing but fools

To say no to you, so tasty a prize,

Your flavors that we embrace and enjoy.

Countless varieties tickle my tongue,

From lagers to ales to stouts and beyond.

In pubs near and far, your praises are sung;

Hymns to those flavors of which we are fond.

Glory to High Life! Guinness and Long Trail!

To Geaghans, to Black Bear and also to Gneiss!

Budweiser and Shipyard, Founders and Bass!

OBC and Marsh Island and Square Tail!

Down Portland way, you needn't ask twice

For craft brews that sport a sweet taste of class.

I love that I find you most everywhere;

Your presence is indeed ubiquitous.

Your amber wonder an answered prayer,

Your attitude never duplicitous.

Of course, I strive not to drink to excess;

Responsibly is how I enjoy you,

For too much of you is simply no fun.

For National Beer Day, I must express

Love for your many forms, both old and new -

But my favorite beer is the next one.


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