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'All Paws Pet Wash' a popular addition at area Tradewinds

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BANGOR - Most people stay inside their vehicle while visiting the car wash, but ever since Tradewinds added a new pet wash station to their Bangor, Brewer and Blue Hill locations, customers have been hopping out to get their four-legged friends clean too.

"This is awesome. There is no mess in the house, the dogs don't mind it because it's air conditioned and it's warm water," said Lisa Reider of Veazie.

Reider has brought her golden retriever, Baxter, and black lab, Bailey, to the All Paws Pet Wash at the Union Street Tradewinds several times since it opened two months ago.

Tradewinds manager Tony Brown said it's a service that's attracting lots of animal owners.

"A lot of people come in once a week. We have a lot of the same repeat customers," said Brown. "This is probably our seventh or eighth customer today."

Customers just stop in, walk their pooch into the all-enclosed pet wash cubicle and onto the wash table, drop in some change and let the bath begin.

"Everything is here," said Reider. "Bailey and Baxter hate the bath at home, but willingly walk up here. We've told everyone who has a dog, you've got to come."

For Reider, it's not only convenient but also a huge savings.

"It's $5 for seven minutes. And it usually runs me about $9 for Bailey and $10 for Baxter, which is a quarter of what it cost me to take them to the groomer," said Reider.

Brown said the All Paws Pet Wash is a chain that sells pet wash vending stations to various businesses like Tradewinds.

"My boss went to a car wash convention in Las Vegas. He is the one that came back with this idea," said Brown. "It's a pretty popular thing."

It's a popular, unique and clean alternative that's making quite a splash among pet owners in the area.


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