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A short chat with the ‘Long Island Medium’

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Medium Theresa Caputo is shown giving a private reading on the show "Long Island Medium." The show is now entering its ninth season the the TLC network. Medium Theresa Caputo is shown giving a private reading on the show "Long Island Medium." The show is now entering its ninth season the the TLC network. (Photo courtesy of DCL)

An interview with TLC's Theresa Caputo

“There are no strange questions. I talk to dead people,” Theresa Caputo said with a laugh, during an interview about her TLC program “Long Island Medium” and her new book “Good Grief: Heal Your Soul, Honor Your Loved Ones and Learn to Live Again” (Atria Books).

On “Long Island Medium,” Caputo says she communicates with the deceased and passes along messages to loved ones left behind. She refers to those spirits using the singular term “Spirit.”

“It was late in my 20s when I learned I had the ability to communicate with Spirit,” Caputo says. “From the age of four, I was sensing and feeling things but I thought everyone was sensing and feeling the same things. I later realized that they weren’t sensing and feeling what I was feeling and I learned how to understand it and, more importantly, why.”

Caputo says she has learned much from Spirit about grieving and how the deceased would prefer to be grieved over.

“The grieving process is so personal and so different for everyone,” Caputo said. “Spirit says ‘Why does it have to be negative? Why can’t it be a continued celebration of our life?’”

“When we lose someone close to us, we go through all of these emotions that are like a rollercoaster,” she continues. “Spirit doesn’t want us focusing on the negative. They want us to release the negative things and embrace the positive so that we can learn to embrace life again.”

According to Caputo, many of the people who come to her for help are unsure how to continue living without their loved one. “They feel guilty and they don’t know why,” she says. “That’s what I mean when I saw that good grief gives us permission to grieve on our own. In the book, I give you healing moments where you can write things down in your journal or else physically go out and do something in memory of your loved one.”

The most difficult period in the grieving process, according to Caputo, comes in the days after a loved one is buried.

“Spirit will say to me ‘Laying me to rest was the easy part.’ What that means is that when you first lose a loved one, you’re busy. You’re getting things together, you’re planning a funeral. Everyone is coming over and trying to help you. You worry about everything from cleaning to food to laundry to mowing the lawn. After the service, people go back to their lives and you feel completely alone without your loved one. That is the hard part. You have to learn how to live again without this person.”

I asked Caputo if she knew where Spirit is residing when she is communicating with them. “Are they in Heaven or in a different dimension?” I asked. 

“I refer to it as Heaven,” she responded. “To me, it’s that safe place. There are souls all around us. Our souls are energy. They are everywhere and they live life through our eyes, in soul form.”

Caputo says that Spirit has informed her about what happens when we die. First, she says we are greeted by loved ones who have gone before us.

“Then we see our spirit guide who is assigned to our soul and we go through different levels where we relive our life here in the physical world to see how the soul can grow and what could happen if we did things differently. That’s when Spirit comes through when I’m doing readings at my live show or on “Long Island Medium” and they apologize for certain things. It means that their soul relived that part of their life through your eyes. They see how they hurt you or disappointed you. That’s what blows my mind the most about Spirit – to give us exactly what our soul needs to hear to make tomorrow a little bit easier.”

Season nine of “Long Island Medium” starring Theresa Caputo can be seen Sundays at 8 p.m. on TLC. 

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