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May daze AP Photo/Elise Amendola

I have so many topics to write about its making my head spin right round baby right round. (Anytime I can get some 80's music lyrics in the first sentence, it's going to be a good column.)

An injury to Derek Rose was just what the doctor, as in Doc Rivers, ordered. Now instead of losing in the second round, the Celtics will most likely beat the 8th-seeded Sixers and play in the Eastern Conference Finals. I know KG and crew had some success against Miami late in the year, which has Green Teamers thinking another trip to the Finals. But as much as I can't stand Lebron and the Heat, me getting my own reality show is more likely than a Celtics series win, which means the 'New Big Three' era in Boston will end. It's been a nice five-year run resulting in one NBA title and another Finals appearance. Let's be happy with that because KG, Ray Allen and maybe even Rondo will be somewhere else next season.

Joe Buck won the sports Emmy for best play by play recently. Yes, he is smooth, knowledgeable and talented on Fox Sports. But do you know anyone who enjoys his play by play? Me either. It's like when they give the Oscar for Best Picture so some artsy flick that five people on the entire planet took the time to see. Buck is good, like caviar. But I don't know many people who really like either one.

Dave O'Brien should get an Emmy for his Red Sox radio play by play. He is the best at what he does and second place isn't close.

You can still catch the Shootaround on Downtown with Rich Kimball on WAEI AM 910 Tuesdays at 4:40 p.m. I'll be guest hosting the entire show on occasion this summer as well.

Sorry to hear about the death of Fenway Park public address announcer Dave Beane. I had him on my WZON show a few times and for a couple of years we ran his radio reports from spring training. I used to see him in the press box at Patriots games too. I am very curious who will replace Beane and how the announcements will sound next time I'm at Fenway.

I'm not sure UMaine baseball should be the lowest seed for the upcoming America East Tournament which I believe will be the case. The conference is as shallow as most hip hop lyrics. The Black Bears have the coaching, the players and the facilities to be better than that. Let's hope they can upset their way back to the NCAA tourney for the second year in a row.

I took my 3-year-old twins to harness racing last week at Bass Park. We watched the races from the side opposite the grand stand, right on the fence. I want to give a quick shout out to the driver who stopped his horse during warm-ups so my girls could see her up close. Her name was Gracie Gracie and she went on to win the race.

It would appear local favorite Marcus Davis is near the end of his professional MMA career. It's been an amazing run. I interviewed him in the early 90s for WLBZ TV when he was boxing. He had some success there and obviously has been outstanding in the other ring. Congrats on a great career.

OK. Worst for last. The Red Sox. This team is a mystery as they have vanished faster than Amelia Earhart. They are a Bermuda triangle of bad pitching, not much hitting and suspect managing. They won't be this bad all season, but I'll host a playoff watch party for all of eastern Maine if the Sox make the playoffs. Don't count on it. Someone will probably solve the mystery of the UFOs over Mexico first. In the case of the Sox and the UFOs, let's hope the truth is out there.


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