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Life is good

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The weather is starting to make a turn for the better, golf courses all across the state are drying out, women everywhere are starting to tuck away those long johns and sweaters and knock the dust off those summer dresses - life is good.

The NFL draft concluded on Sunday, and the New England Patriots did the unthinkable - they traded up not once but twice! The Pats moved to grab defensive end Chandler Jones out of Syracuse and linebacker Dont'a Hightower. Great moves. A team coming off an appearance in the Super Bowl isn't going to have a ton of holes to fill, so instead of trading back and stock piling picks, like the Pats tend to do, they move up and fill the few holes they had on a defense, that, let's be honest, could use some improvements. That's not the end of the good news concerning the draft. How about those Maine Black Bears!

Jerron McMillian is drafted 133 overall to the Green Bay Packers, the highest Black Bear draftee since John Huard back in the 1960s. For a comparison, last year the Buffalo Bills took running back Johnny White with the 133rd pick. He signed a four-year, $2.25 million contract, with a $225,000 signing bonus. Long story short, Jerron's getting paid! Beyond that, Trevor Coston signed with the Chicago Bears as a free agent, as did Pushaun Brown. He signs with the New York Jets (they love their Black Bears, apparently). Derek Buttles and Derek Sessions have also been discussed as possible NFL signees. Not a bad weekend for Maine Football, as all this happens around the Jeff Cole Memorial Scrimmage, the culmination of the spring practice schedule, which was held on Saturday. (Side note, the first score of the scrimmage was a touchdown pass from Ryan Stroud to Josiah Hartley - according to head coach Jack Cosgrove, it's the first time in Black Bear history a Foxcroft Academy Pony connected with a Bangor Ram.)

The Bruins stink. Tim Thomas decided he was going to put his political views out there for everyone to see and not go to the White House mid-season. From that moment on the team wasn't the same. Hard to blame the loss to the Capitols solely on him, but well, that's what I'm doing.

Red Sox are starting to get things going in the right direction. The schedule to start the year was a beast, and the Sox have too many good players to not be in the thick of a playoff hunt. The news of Carl Crawford and his ailing wrist are not good. He joins many other high-priced talents on the disabled list. Boston has a $200 million payroll; half of it hasn't played a game in 2012. The recent six-game winning streak showed that there is life in the team. Win or lose, even if the bullpen is scary the team still fights, and you never feel like they are out of a game. At no point in 2011 did I have that feeling.

Finally, it's the last stand for the Boston Celtics. The Big Three + 1 will not be together beyond this year. Ray Allen and KG's contract expire and likely won't be back, so it's literally now or never. I honestly think that there's a chance it happens. Here's why. Da Bulls no longer have a chance with Derek Rose being out. It's either going to be the Heat or the Cs. Boston can beat Miami. Miami is a run and gun, fast break team. That works just fine during the regular season, but in the PLAYOFFS (Jim Mora voice) you have to do two things: play defense and get offense out of the half court set. Cue KG's 18-foot jumper. Plus, don't you want to see Lebron fail again? Is it wrong to say yes? He's a jerk, right? Let's go Celtics.

Summer is almost here. It's getting warmer. Red Sox baseball every night, Celtics playoff games, golf, women in dresses. Savor the flavor. Life is good.


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