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Kibbles and Picks 2015/2016 Divisional Round

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You know, I really thought that once we made into the playoffs, the fact that I had at least some knowledge about the participating teams would make a difference. And yet, here we are.

Stella came out on top this Wild Card weekend, going 3-1. Her sole blemish was admittedly a big one she was on the wrong end of the Chiefs blowout win over the Texans. However, she correctly predicted the continuation of the Bengals postseason woes against the Steelers. And as for the Seattle/Minnesota tilt, well I felt pretty good until Blair Walsh. Laces out, Jeff!

(We both had the Packers beating Washington, so that's a wash.)

Basically, I had a really good chance of going 4-0 and was let down by some stupid penalties (Cincinnati) and some bad-luck kicking (Minnesota). And so I'm left starting out at a deficit and hoping for some sort of boost going forward.

Stella and I are at odds on just two of the Divisional Round's contests. We both feel good about the Patriots at home, particularly with Julian Edelman apparently set to come back. However, Kansas City looks awfully tough that defense took apart the Texans. We also think Green Bay's run is going to end against a very good Cardinals team. The Packers always have a puncher's chance behind Aaron Rodgers, but Arizona might just be the best all-around team in the league.

And then there were two. The Panthers are a powerhouse, and with a week off to rest, they look poised to put up a strong performance against the Seahawks. Despite the fact that Seattle barely escaped against the Vikings, Stella likes them to win on the road. She thinks the near-miss will energize Pete Carroll's squad and put them in great position to take down Carolina. These are two strong defenses facing dynamic offensive players, so really, it boils down to which quarterback shines brightest I'm thinking Cam Newton, she's thinking Russell Wilson.

As for the other match-up, I'm going with my gut. It might be ill-advised, but I'm picking the Steelers to go into Denver and pull off the upset. Basically, I'm putting my faith in the idea that Pittsburgh stars like Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown will be healthy enough to play and play well. Stella, meanwhile, thinks I'm kind of thick for even considering the possibility that the Broncos lose this game at home. She thinks the stifling Denver defense will shut down the Steelers to the point that they won't even need a top-flight performance on the offensive side to win with ease.

As we move forward, it's not looking good for our hero. She's already out to a lead; I have to hope for some unlikely outcomes to have any hope of catching and/or passing Stella. As per usual, she's giving me the business.

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Saturday, Jan. 16

Kansas City at NEW ENGLAND

Green Bay at ARIZONA

Sunday, Jan. 17

Seattle at CAROLINA


Wild Card Round record: 2-2

Postseason record: 2-2


Saturday, Jan. 16

Kansas City at NEW ENGLAND

Green Bay at ARIZONA

Sunday, Jan. 17

SEATTLE at Carolina

Pittsburgh at DENVER

Wild Card Round record: 3-1

Postseason record: 3-1

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