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Fantasy in the basement

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It's probably the best day of the year. Better than Christmas, New Year's Eve and even your birthday. It's the live and in-person fantasy football draft. This year we expand from 10 players to 12. The stakes are a little higher, but that's how we like it! Here's how it all went down

The draft was set to start at 10 a.m. Sunday morning; a little early for my taste, but what can you do I'm not the commissioner. We picked the draft order out of a hat, and I had the fifth overall selection in a snaking draft. Number one overall selection: Ray Rice. With number five I was at a loss as to what to do. I went Megatron: Calvin Johnson - can't go wrong, right? If you don't get Rice, Arian Foster or LeSean McCoy then it's kind of up in the air.

Eighth overall selection: Maurice Jones-Drew. This was met by quite a few chuckles. It should be noted that the guy who made this pick came in last place in 2011 and will have his team named by the rest of the league. Number 12 pick was Rob Gronkowski; after all, this is a league made up of Pats fans. My next pick was DeMarco Murray: Dallas Cowboys. I just hope he stays healthy. The selection before mine, number 14 overall, is Aaron Hernandez. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new leader in the clubhouse for a potential last place finisher in 2012.

With my third pick I took WR Greg Jennings. Wes Welker went directly before; that one hurt. For numbers four and five I went with running back Ahmad Bradshaw, then Frank Gore. I had Gore last season. He never scores touchdowns. I immediately felt regret.

We took our first break - much needed; I had to step away and get my head right. This was for real. I used the break to survey the lay of the land as to who was still left. I needed a QB. It's Phil Rivers. Tough season in 2011, but in the sixth round I was OK with it. Next was Ben Tate, backup to the oft-injured Arian Foster. I would never wish ill upon anyone, but if Foster was to pull a hammy or two, I would be OK with that.

My next pick was Robert Meacham, WR in San Diego; I was putting a few eggs in the Chargers basket this season. Could end in disaster; could lead me to the Promised Land. Tight Ends were going like crazy; my ninth pick was Jacob Tamme. He's a Bronco. With Peyton Manning throwing to him, this could be a steal. Still in the ninth round, the 49ers defense was the first off the board. A few comments were made about the pick, but overall people seemed to be surprisingly accepting. I didn't like it one bit - this is a fantasy draft. All selections that aren't your own need to be ridiculed and criticized.

Tenth pick, Laurent Robinson. He was the man for the Cowboys, but he's Jacksonville now. Usually this is the place where offensive numbers go to die. I'm hoping to reverse that trend. After 10 rounds we took break number two. Five rounds to go, Bills defense - was it a reach? Probably. This pick was questioned almost universally throughout the basement. Next, Felix Jones; if you have Demarco Murray, might as well take his back up. Carson Palmer - have to have a backup QB. Who knows; maybe he'll be the man. Time for another defense. Cincinnati. Eh, what are you gonna do? Final pick: Alex Henery, kicker, Philadelphia Eagles.

I proclaimed that I have assembled the best team in Fantasy history, or at least in this basement, and that it's on in 2012. I love this game.


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