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Baseball is back

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Forget about those two Seattle and Oakland games that were played in Japan at 6 a.m. our time and replayed on tape delay three hours later this week. (Side note: Is there anything in the entire world of televised sport that's lamer than tape delay? I would say no.) Baseball season is back, and with it comes a lot of change. Change for the better.

First off it means the winter is over, spring is here and soon after comes summer. I'll talk about the Red Sox a little bit, but the fact that the games are back changes the way you live your life. I don't mean that as an extremely deep thought, because it isn't. For roughly 160 (accounting for the occasional rain out or double header) of the next 200 days, you have entertainment. Whether you watch the game from inning one to inning nine, check in on it for a few pitches to see the score, listen to it on the radio, or just have it on in the background while you do other things, the Sox are back. There is also the annual Fenway trip many like to make. Ask people and they'll say, 'I try to get down once a year.' Then of course you get there and the seats are uncomfortable and you spent 500 bucks on the day, but hey, it's Fenway. Had to make the annual visit.

My time will also be spent managing what I expect to be one of the best fantasy baseball teams constructed in Eastern and Central Maine this year. I don't know about the folks in the County; they do a lot of research. Anyone can manage a Fantasy football team. It's once a week and for the most part the biggest factor is that your top picks don't get hurt. Baseball is much more complex. Games every day, people going on off the disabled list, teams' closers lose their job and get replaced. It can be overwhelming, and it's certainly not for everyone. I know that I have written this here before, but the live fantasy draft is one of the best days of the year. If you are drafting online and all the people in the league live in the same general area, then you are lazy and robbing yourself of an afternoon not to be forgotten. I'll give you an example; something really has to go wrong in a situation for a person or place's name to be used as a verb. You really Bucknered that one. You just got Munsoned out in the middle of nowhere. Also, see Sodom and Gomorrah. So, in our draft when one of our managers took Emilio Bonifacio ranked 141st by Yahoo in the 3rd round, when players ranked 20 through 30 are usually taken, he did it! Spill your drink? You really Bonifacioed that one. Bump your head? Way to go, Bonifacio. Girlfriend broke up with you? Hey, at least you didn't draft Emilio Bonifacio in the third round.

When it comes to this year's Red Sox I feel a bit like a girlfriend or wife who got stood up. Last year we had a date for the playoffs and you never showed up. I spent all summer getting ready, looking forward to it and you just no show? Not even a call. You take me for granted you know how I feel about you, so you stopped caring. Stopped working out. Just drank beer and ate chicken playing video games with your friends all the time. What a jerk. You want me back? You've got some wining and dining to do. I see you've changed your look a little. Got a fancier wardrobe, no more Francona, now you're wearing Valentine and apparently tanning like crazy. I'm not sold I like the old you. The you that cared, that won World Series, that hated the Yankees. Can we get back to that? I hope so. I miss us.

Only time will tell. We still have hockey and basketball playoffs to entertain us for the next few months. Can the Bruins repeat? How far can the Big 3 go on this last run? Questions that will soon be answered. All the while baseball will be back, whether in the forefront of your attention, or just on in the background.


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