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Super Bowl party at Husson's Furman Center

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Mu Sigma Chi has been putting on a Super Bowl party in the Furman Center on Husson University for the past eight years. Mike Paige is the vice president of Mu Sigma Chi and has been put in charge of handling this event.

"Usually the turn outs have been great; many people like watching the big game with friends, so if you throw in free food you'll get an even better turn out,' Paige said. "Usually the food served is just little snacks and appetizers. This year we will be having chicken wings, meatballs, hot dogs and chili - just to name a view."

The fraternity likes getting its name out on campus, and this has been a very effective way for them to reach out to the community.

The Super Bowl party is held in the Furman Center as a way for the fraternity to give back to the students as well as any community members. The Furman has many televisions, and many brothers believe it to be an ideal location for these sorts of parties.

Steven Ferris became a brother of Mu Sigma Chi in 1982 and has stayed very active at Husson as an alumnus. He is vice president of the Husson Alumni Board and still remains very involved with the fraternity.

"It is our belief that not every event has to have drinking involved, and since the drinking age is 21 it would exclude a huge population,' Ferris said. 'It's important for Mu Sigma Chi to have events that are open on campus because it gives us a chance to show the Husson community the pride we have in our fraternity by working together and having fun by working together and having fun and putting on something that the students enjoy and look forward to. It is also a chance for students who are interested in the fraternity to see how we work together and hopefully want to learn about becoming a part of us."

Paige believes that this is a very important event since it brings people together for good fun.

"Of all the Super Bowl parties I have ever been to everyone has had a blast and there are very minimal complaints," said Paige. "I think another reason we hold this is to show students that we are an active fraternity and to get our name out there."

Anyone interested in attending should head over to the Furman Center on Husson University Campus at 1 College Circle in Bangor on Sunday, Feb. 3, 2012 to enjoy the game and some treats.


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