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Sullivan student creates school's new snack shack

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SULLIVAN - A senior is leaving a mark at Sumner High School that will be hard to ignore. Lizzy Arey was asked by her industrial arts teacher to design a snack shack and tennis courts for the school and community to enjoy. And now her drawings are in the process of becoming a reality.

"Lizzy's one of the best students I've had," said John Wells, Sumner High School industrial arts teacher. "She had taken my architectural design class last year and did very well. [Plus] Lizzy is a tennis player. She has tennis in her family and I thought she might be interested in this and do a design for a snack shack and she said, 'Sure.'"

As an advanced architectural student, Lizzy was looking for a project to work on for school credit and quickly discovered she could help the entire student body and her hometown at the same time. 

"The snack shack is going to be a two story building. The first floor is half snack shack and half storage, and the second floor will be a viewing area for the softball and baseball fields and soccer fields. It'll be all windows so you can see out everywhere," explained Arey.

This aerial view will also allow the teams to record their games and watch them at a later date.

"It's so much more than a snack shack. It'll give us a place to video tape games and a place for teams to sit and view their games and decide what went right, what went wrong and how to improve," said Wells. 

Besides the school's sports teams, Wells said Sumner's physical education classes will be able to benefit from the new tennis courts and snack shack too. But it'll be awhile before that happens since donations are currently being raised to pay for the construction.

"If we're able to fit in three tennis courts, it'll be around $150,000. For two, it'll be $100,000 and the cost of the snack shack we think will be around $30,000," said Arey. "We've already had donations, like where we cut down trees for the snack shack was donated and dirt was donated too."

Although Arey will be in college by the time her architectural design comes to fruition, she is looking forward to returning home and visiting her old high school when the work is complete.

"I think it'll be cool to come back and see it all done and everything," she said. 


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