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Stackpole leaves Downtown with Rich Kimball'

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Longtime producer moves to 92.9 FM's 'The Morning Pitch'

BANGOR A voice familiar to local sports talk radio fans has changed stations.

Bryan Stackpole, the longtime producer for the 'Downtown with Rich Kimball' show, has left after more than four years at the helm. He's moving on from the AM 620 WZON show to co-host 'The Morning Pitch' alongside Dale Duff on 92.9 FM.

'Downtown' airs from 3-6 p.m. Monday through Friday, while 'The Morning Pitch' airs from 6-8 a.m., also Monday through Friday.

Stackpole has been part of 'Downtown' since the show's inception back in September of 2011, operating the board, booking the guests and serving as the on-air yin to Kimball's yang as they worked together to create a different kind of sports talk radio show.

'We've been able to create something in Downtown that I don't think had ever been done to this scale before in this area,' Stackpole said. 'The show was about sports, but we were able to appeal to so many people because it wasn't the lifeblood of our programming.I always enjoyed the fact that I was able to learn something during every single show.'

'I didn't know Bryan very well before I reached out to him about being part of the show,' said Kimball. 'I had worked with him when he produced Maine football broadcasts and I saw that he was a solid, reliable guy doing that. Once we sat down face-to-face, I realized how mature he was, with a strong knowledge of sports, but also a level of curiosity that I thought would be essential to this very different type of show that I wanted to create.'

Unsurprisingly, the two share a great deal of affection and respect toward one another.

'Rich is one of the best broadcasters in the nation, not just Bangor, so as long as he's on the microphone, people are going to listen,' said Stackpole.

'It didn't take long to realize first, that he's an unbelievable producer,' Kimball said. 'It's not only about running the can teach anyone to do's about managing time, communicating (sometimes non-verbally) with the host, being able to adjust on the fly, and being that oasis of calm when things invariably get crazy.'

Ryan Waning, who has been serving as a regular co-host of 'Downtown,' will be sliding over to assume many of Stackpole's producing duties.

But while Stackpole obviously carries fond memories of his time with 'Downtown,' it's clear that he is greatly looking forward to starting this new stage of his radio career.

'I loved doing what I was with the Downtown show, but the chance move into a different day shift and get out of my comfort zone was appealing,' he said.'You don't want to just want to go through life doing things just because it's easy or you know how to do them quickly. This new position will test me in areas that I haven't in the past and I'm hoping to be better because of it.I'm also looking forward to learning from Dale and his decades of experience in this market.'

Stackpole's energy has been a part of 'Downtown' for a long time. Kimball and Waning are well-equipped to move forward and thrilled on Stackpole's behalf for his new opportunity but his absence will no doubt be felt.

'We'll obviously miss him like crazy,' Kimball said.

(Note: Allen Adams is a regular contributor to 'Downtown with Rich Kimball,' making twice-weekly appearances.)


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