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Looking back at past picks

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Revisiting 2015's sporting predictions

As we reach the end of 2015, the time has come once again to revive the tradition of looking back on all of my sporting predictions for the year to gauge their ultimate accuracy. As per usual, we are definitely looking at a mixed bag at best.

Feel free to call my competence into question; heck, I do it all the time.


Super Bowl XLIX

Prediction:New England Patriots 30 Seattle Seahawks 27

Actual:New England 28 Seattle 24

Not bad at all. Slightly lower-scoring than I thought, but I got the point distribution about right. Granted, this prediction was very close to being totally wrong, but in the end, I pretty much nailed it. It was certainly a good time to be a New England fan it's nice when being a homer works out for you.

NBA Finals

Prediction:Golden State Warriors 4 Cleveland Cavaliers 3

Actual:Warriors 4 Cavs 2

I'm a tangential NBA fan; everything I know comes through being a sports fan in general. That said, there was no doubt that this Warriors team was something special. I figured LeBron would keep Cleveland a little closer, but I felt confident about this one.

MLB Season

American League

Prediction:AL East Boston Red Sox; AL Central Detroit Tigers; AL West Seattle Mariners; Wild Card Cleveland Indians; Wild Card Los Angeles Angels

Actual:AL East Toronto Blue Jays; AL Central Kansas City Royals; AL West Texas Rangers; Wild Card New York Yankees; Wild Card Houston Astros

Baseball is the sport I know best, but this is by far the worst performance I've ever put up in my American League predictions. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Not only was I not right in the specifics, but I missed generally as well. Not one of the teams I picked even managed to make the playoffs in the AL. I even managed to have a couple of last-place teams win divisions. It would be difficult to purposefully be this wrong. Just call me Nostra-dumbass.

Prediction:NL East Washington Nationals; NL Central St. Louis Cardinals; NL West Los Angeles Dodgers; Wild Card Pittsburgh Pirates; Wild Card San Diego Padres

Actual:NL East New York Mets; NL Central St. Louis Cardinals; NL West Los Angeles Dodgers; Wild Card Pittsburgh Pirates; Wild Card Chicago Cubs

It's sad when three out of five counts as a huge victory, but with the AL debacle, I'll take what I can get. The Dodgers were a no-brainer and the Cardinals always seem to be in contention, so that was easy. I climbed on the Pittsburgh renaissance bandwagon as well. Picking the Padres was a terrible mistake, but I don't regret my Washington pick. The Cubs were a nice surprise.

World Series

Prediction:Kansas City Royals 4 New York Mets 3

Actual:Royals 4 Mets 1

I was always going to pick the Royals. After coming so close last year, it seemed inevitable that they would break through. And so they did just a fair bit quicker than I expected.

CFL Season

Prediction:Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Montreal Alouettes (East); Calgary Stampeders, Saskatchewan Roughriders, Edmonton Eskimos, BC Lions (West)

Actual:Ottawa REDBLACKS, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Toronto Argonauts (East); Edmonton Eskimos, Calgary Stampeders, BC Lions (West)

It's possible that no one in New England gives more ink to the CFL than I do. Despite that and despite the fact that six of the league's nine teams make the postseason I only managed to correctly predict four of the six. No one could really have seen the second-year REDBLACKS coming, but you bet against the Argonauts at your peril.

103rdGrey Cup

Prediction:Edmonton Eskimos 38 Ottawa REDBLACKS 30

Actual:Edmonton 26 Ottawa 20

As always, I expected the Grey Cup to be a higher-scoring affair. Still, I picked the winner and the point differential was reasonably close. Easy to call this one a win.

NFL Season

(Note: these are the standings through Week 16 some changes in position are still possible)


Prediction:AFC East New England Patriots; AFC North Baltimore Ravens; AFC South Indianapolis Colts; AFC West Denver Broncos; Wild Card Miami Dolphins; Wild Card Buffalo Bills

Actual:AFC East New England Patriots; AFC North Cincinnati Bengals; AFC South Houston Texans; AFC West Denver Broncos; Wild Card Kansas City Chiefs; Wild Card New York Jets

Not my best work in the AFC. The Patriots are an obvious pick; they'll fall off eventually, but until they do, I'm going to keep picking them. The Broncos were also a good pick, though perhaps not for the reasons I anticipated. As for the rest, well I didn't see the Bengals making the leap and I thought the Colts would be far better. And the less we say about my wild card picks, the better. The Dolphins AND the Bills? I'm clearly an idiot.


Prediction:NFC East Philadelphia Eagles; NFC North Green Bay Packers; NFC South Carolina Panthers; NFC West Seattle Seahawks; Wild Card Dallas Cowboys; Wild Card Minnesota Vikings

Actual:NFC East Washington; NFC North Green Bay Packers; NFC South Carolina Panthers; NFC West Arizona Cardinals; Wild Card Minnesota Vikings; Wild Card Seattle Seahawks

I did a bit better with the NFC but only just. The Packers and Vikings might swap places, but they'll both make the playoffs, so that's not terrible. I picked the Panthers, though I had no idea they'd be anywhere near this good. The Cardinals have been great, but at least Seattle seems like a playoff team. I wildly overestimated the Eagles and the Cowboys. Not great, but it could have been worse.


And another one in the books. Some wins, more losses pretty typical year, really. Here's hoping for a more accurate 2016.


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