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Kibbles and Picks Wild Card Round

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Kibbles and Picks Kibbles and Picks

Well, we made it through the entire NFL regular season. All 17 weeks of football have been accounted for. And while I put up a valiant effort, in the end it simply wasn't enough.

I was officially outpicked by my dog.

I didn't have a bad season overall my Week 17 performance of 10-6 put my season record at 155-100-1, a hit rate of 60.5%. Not exceptional by any stretch of the imagination, but certainly better than I expected to do when I first undertook this little experiment.

The bigger surprise, of course, was how much more accurate Stella was. She went 11-5 in Week 17 one final dig at my once-cherished illusions of intellectual superiority to wind up with an overall record of 166-89-1. For those keeping count, that's a hit rate of 64.8%.

According to the wonderful people at Pundit Tracker, that puts my dog's picks on a par with those made by the most noted NFL talking heads. That 64.8% accuracy lags behind only a mere handful Ron Jaworski and KC Joyner of ESPN, Dave Richard and Jamey Eisenberg of CBS and ahead of notable names such as Mike Ditka, Chris Mortenson, Adam Schefter and Ryan Wilson among many others.

(Two things should be noted. One, the Pundit Tracker data used was only through Week 15 of the season. However, since Stella went a combined 24-8 (75%) in the last two weeks, I feel comfortable saying that she at least kept her spot. Two, the pundit picks were often made against the spread as opposed to Stella and I, who were simply picking winners. However, while the comparison is imperfect, I still feel it warrants mention.)

But now we've reached the playoffs. Everything starts over again. And so while Stella proved superior over the long slog of the regular season, I have a shot at redemption here in the postseason.

And we're starting off with a bang; Stella and I agree on just one of the four games being played this weekend. We both think the Bengals will make short work of the San Diego Chargers, but from there, we diverge. I think the Chiefs can go into Indianapolis and take out the up-and-down Colts; she thinks Andrew Luck and company can overcome the feel-good Kansas City storyline and triumph. In my opinion, the Saints are going to find the cold-weather confines of Philadelphia to be tough going, but she thinks that New Orleans, led by QB Drew Brees and coach Sean Payton, can move past their season-long road worries. And while I think that the 49ers are just too good a team to lose to a lucky-to-be-here Packers squad, Stella still believes in the magic inherent to the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.

We're back to zero. Here's hoping I can at least put up a fight this time.

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Wild Card Round


Saturday, January 4

KANSAS CITY at Indianapolis


Sunday, January 5





Saturday, January 4


NEW ORLEANS at Philadelphia

Sunday, January 5


San Francisco at GREEN BAY


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