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Kevin Bennett shoots the chute - Images from Camden’s U.S. National Toboggan Championships

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CAMDEN – It was tough sledding in Camden last weekend.

The Camden Snow Bowl played host to the 2019 U.S. National Toboggan Championships Feb. 8-10. Hundreds of people formed teams of two, three or four and took their shot at sledding stardom by hitting the chute. This was the 28th year of the event.

Our Kevin Bennett was there, taking photos of the thrills, chills and spills that come with this wintertime tradition. Here are just a few.


2019 U.S. National Toboggan Championships Winners

2-Person Division

1st Place
#31 BOLT 2 – 1st Run 9.46. 2nd 9.47 Final 18.93
Peter Soule, Bob LaFlamme

2nd Place
#78 BOLT 5 – 1st Run 9.47, 2nd 9.47 Final 18.94
William Shupert, Brian Steeger

3rd Place
#33 TWO WHISKEYS ON ICE – 1st Run 9.51, 2nd 9.52 Final 19.03
Jonathan Maxcy, Josh Brow

3-Person Division

1st Place
#142 SPLITTIN’ ADAMS – 1st Run 9.43, 2nd 9.48, Final 18.91
Adam Way, Adam Thurlow, Kevin Kempton

2nd Place
#147 WHISKEY ON ICE 3 – 1st Run 9.46, 2nd 9.48, Final 18.94
Ted Seeley, Jonathan Maxcy, Josh Brow

3rd Place
#167 FARM FRY OR DIE – 1st Run 9.45, 2nd 9.5, Final 18.95
Jay McCrum, Dana McCrum, Christine Whitmore

4-Person Division

1st Place
#279 Spudrunner 4 – 1st Run 9.37, 2nd 9.41, Final 18.78
Fred Whited, Ethan Birmingham, Darrell McCrum, Zack Grass

2nd Place
#349 Bolt 4 – 1st Run 9.38, 2nd 9.45, Final 18.83
William Shupert, Bob LaFlamme, Brian Sieger, Doug Kennedy

3rd Place
#263 Bolt 1 – 1st Run 9.42, 2nd 9.42, Final 18.84
Peter Soule, Doug Kennedy, Dan Smith, Trey Shupert

Other winners:

Fastest Experimental Team

#420 Magic Carpet Ride – 1st Run 9.31, 2nd 9.29, Final 18.60
Dan Littlefield, Zeb Hills, Jeff Smith, Eliot Freeman, Matt Ogier

Fastest All-Female Team

#37 The return of the Deedles
Dayna McCrum, Phoebe Fleck

Fastest Student Team

#243 Rogue Trolls 4
Amelia Lepow, Kayla Wright, Ava Markham, Lawless Desrochers

Oldest Team

#85 Free Eddie 2
Chip Maury, Pete Spencer (Avg. age: 77.5)

Best Crafted Toboggan

#10 Bath Flyers 1
Kevin O’Sullivan, Laura O’Sullivan

Best Costume

1st Place
#110/305 Panic/Don’t Panic
Kristen Phillips, Maggie Kloby, Dave Mandy, Dennis Phillips

2nd Place
#270 Shear Madness
Sarah Maxcy, Carrie Overlock, Michelle Benner, Jessica Maxcy

3rd Place
#362 Ice Queenz
Annaliese Lafayette, Kimble Rawcliffe, Rylee Rawcliffe, Darby Rawcliffe

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