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Infuriated Knicks fan auctions allegiance to the Lakers

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Being a fan can sometimes be a painful experience. Whether you’re a fan of a TV show that suddenly jumps the shark, a band that releases a stinker of an album, or a sports franchise that is seemingly incapable of winning, fandom can take an emotional toll. Is it possible to suddenly transfer your fandom to a former rival?

According to 33-year old Evan Perlmutter of Hoboken, New Jersey, it is. He just auctioned his fandom to a once-hated franchise on eBay.

Perlmutter was a lifelong fan of the New York Knicks and says he has endured more pain and suffering over his team’s continued losses than any fan should see during their lifetime.

“I’m talking about years of ineptitude on the part of the Knicks that lead to this drastic decision,” Perlmutter told me during an interview. “I’m talking from the front office on down. The last straw wasn’t this latest draft – it happened at least a decade ago and I stuck through it for as long as I could.”

In August, Perlmutter posted a 2,100-word eBay listing outlining the many reasons surrounding his decision to shed himself of any further torment connected to the Knicks. From dodgy draft picks to hellacious head-coaching decisions, Perlmutter’s manifesto made it clear that he was prepared to put all of his future support behind a team of the winning bidder’s choice.

Bidding started – appropriately enough – at $1,973. 1973 was the last time the New York Knicks won the NBA Finals when they defeated the LA Lakers 4 to 1.

After a bit of a rollercoaster ride and a last-minute bidding war, the final bid for Perlmutter’s fandom was $3,450 - paid for by a popular blogger and YouTuber from Los Angeles known as Jiedel. At Jiedel’s insistence, Perlmutter has transferred his fandom to the Lakers.

“He actually flew out here last week,” Perlmutter said of Jiedel. “You can see our interaction and me burning my Knicks jersey on his YouTube channel.”

Perlmutter says to prove his new fandom to the Lakers, he agreed to several deliverables, including the placement of a $500 bet on the Lakers over/win total, the purchase of an NBA league pass to watch every Lakers game, attending both a Lakers home and away game, purchasing Lakers merchandise and destroying old Knicks merchandise.

While he wishes the closing bid had been a little higher, it was more important for him to be free of the New York Knicks, Perlmutter says.

“After buying plane tickets from New York to LA, Lakers tickets at $500 a pop, hotel rooms and merchandise, I’m not going to have money left over to put in my account but at least I’m out of the pain, the misery and the horrible-ness of being a Knicks fan,” he said.

Perlmutter admits that he hoped the Knicks would reach out to him in an attempt to retain his fandom once word of the auction hit the media. Instead, he says, “they did the worst thing they could do at that point.”

The New York Knicks referred to Perlmutter as “attention-seeking” and said they were happy to see him go.

“That’s the Knicks for you in a nutshell. I thought they would realize that it’s a good idea to try to retain their fans because they obviously haven’t done anything else well,” said Perlmutter. “That was the final sayonara.”

Perlmutter says now that he is a Lakers fan, he can actually appreciate LeBron James in his prime.

“I had always hated LeBron – being an Eastern Conference rival and him shunning the Knicks. We all thought he was going to come to New York ten years ago. Now I look forward to embracing his greatness, going out to LA and soaking up the sun.”


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