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Weird National Briefs - December 4th, 2013

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Weird National Briefs Weird National Briefs

Topless tonsorialist

LONGMONT, Colo. - A woman who allegedly offered topless hairstyling services in northern Colorado faces criminal charges. But police say the problem isn't cutting hair without a top. It's cutting hair without a license.

The Longmont Times-Call reports 46-year old Suzette Hall was arrested Wednesday night on suspicion of practicing cosmetology without a license.

Hall's former partner says she advertised $45 topless haircuts online.

According to the arrest warrant, the former partner called police about the topless styling because she 'did not believe this was safe or proper.'

Police weren't able to turn up any Craigslist ads.

Hall's ex-husband told police she set up shop in Loveland and offered services as 'Rebel Barber.' He told police she applied for 'a nude license for hairstylists,' but no such license exists.

TME This gives new meaning to the phrase 'a little off the top.'

Gifts gone wild

NEW YORK - Where's a Black Friday shopper to turn for a 19th century vampire-killing kit?

Believe it or not, the item is part of the Black Friday madness at the Ripley's Times Square Odditorium. It will set you back about $25,000.

At a little more than $19,000 a shrunken head is a comparative bargain.

Or the thoughtful gift-giver might prefer a taxidermy Albino giraffe. The price tag is about $1.7 million. Gift-wrapping is not included.

Still got tons of room under the Christmas tree - and about $2.5 million to spare? Your loved one might be clamoring for 18th century, iron-clad elephant armor from India.

Already shopped out? No problem. The 'featured collection' is being offered until Dec. 24.

TME Say what you will nothing ties a room together like a stuffed Albino giraffe.

On the fence

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas - A chain-link fence marriage proposal has worked for a South Texas man who used a similar plastic-cups effort to invite the same gal to prom in 2007.

Krystal Salazar said 'yes' both times, including Tuesday's wedding proposal outside Ray High School in Corpus Christi.

The Corpus Christi Caller-Times reports Johnny Mata Jr. had help from friends in using cups inserted into the fence to spell: 'KRYSTAL ... MARRY ME?'

Mata and Salazar, who've known each other since sixth grade, work for the Northside Independent School District in San Antonio. They returned to Corpus Christi to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Mata arranged for a relative who drives a limousine to pick up the pair and swing by the school. That's when Mata then got down on one knee and produced a ring.

TME You'd think after six years the guy could come up with a new gimmick.

Naked and afraid

SARASOTA, Fla. - Authorities are trying to figure out why a naked man suffering from severe burns was dropped off at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. 

The incident happened Saturday when a woman ran inside the hospital asking for help.

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports the woman told nurses the man has been dropped off in her driveway. The woman and two others who brought the man to the hospital left after he was taken inside.

The man was flown to Tampa General Hospital for treatment.

Sarasota Sheriff's officials say the man remembers waking up and being on fire. But other details of his story are hazy. He told investigators he was in the woods, and that he was also in the driveway.

Detectives are trying to piece together what happened.

TME This is why you observe safety protocols when deep-frying a turkey.

Safety first!

WESTAMPTON, N.J. - A New Jersey fire department is planning to try to break the record for most people doing a fire safety exercise at the same time.

Westampton Fire Department public education officer David Shaw tells the Burlington County Times the goal is to get 2,000 people doing 'stop, drop and roll' next September.

The idea is to attract attention to fire safety.

The current record, according to Guinness World Records, is 1,719 in a drill run by the Indianapolis Fire Department. Before that, the record was set at the Iowa State Fair.

TME - They really should have spoken to the guy in the previous item.

Doo-doo detection

BRAINTREE, Mass. - Apartment and condo managers, dogged by complaints from those who've experienced the squishy and smelly sensation of stepping onto a pile of dog doo, are turning to DNA testing to identify the culprits who don't clean up after their pets.

It's the latest twist in the long-running struggle to keep canine waste off lawns, hallways, elevators and other common areas of animal-friendly community buildings.

DNA monitoring has yielded immediate and dramatic results in the condominium community of Devon Wood, where maintenance staff previously reported seeing, stepping onto or driving over several piles of droppings each week on its 350-acre property.

'We initially didn't - for a better part of a month - didn't find any waste, which just floored us,' said Barbara Kansky, who manages the 398-unit condo development in the town of Braintree that introduced DNA monitoring in July.

Polite reminders, letters and notices previously failed to persuade errant pet owners to observe condo rules requiring them to clean up after their animals, Kansky said. There were problems even after residents reported seeing others failing to pick up their dog's messes.

'We would call or send a letter and that dog owner would say: Prove it,'' Kansky said.

TME We're pretty sure this was a 'CSI' episode.

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