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Weird National Briefs - December 17th, 2013

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Weird National Briefs Weird National Briefs

Zebra hour

CLEVELAND, Tenn. - The black-and-white-striped animal that's been spotted at different places around a Tennessee town isn't a funny-looking horse.

Nope, there's a zebra loose in East Tennessee.

Bradley County dispatchers say they've had several people call to report sightings of the animal - near homes, businesses and even a highway.

Although some people have tried to catch him, the animal named Zeek has remained elusive.

Zeek's owner, Ronald Price, told WRCB-TV that the animal escaped from his farm in Cleveland about three weeks ago by jumping a high fence.

Price says he's keeping a watch out and hopes that someone is able to help Zeek return home safely.

TME What's black and white and running all over Tennessee?

Rogue state

LONDON - England's repeat rascals can breathe a little easier tonight. Being an 'incorrigible rogue' is no longer against the law.

Britain's Ministry of Justice said that the old-fashioned-sounding offense, created in the early 19th century, was one of more than 300 obsolete offenses which had been scrapped over the past year.

The 1824 Vagrancy Act was aimed at the punishment of 'idle and disorderly persons,' 'rogues,' and 'vagabonds.' It defined an 'incorrigible rogue' as a homeless person who violently resisted arrest or escaped confinement.

Many such laws have been heavily amended since or slipped into obsolescence as they were replaced by newer legislation.

The Ministry of Justice publishes an annual account of new and expired offenses. Thursday's report said that as 309 old ones were scrapped, 327 new ones were added.

TME Shiftless layabouts and irascible scalawags are still subject to arrest.

Colossal crustacean

HUNTINGTON BEACH, California - Joseph Ali says onlookers thought he was drunk when he dove into the nighttime waters around a California pier. But he came away with a monster of a lobster.

Ali tells the Orange County Register he was closing his father's business, Zack's Pier Plaza, on Monday when he saw the ocean was calm and decided to dive for dinner.

He was down about 15 feet going after a smaller lobster when he saw the giant. He says it was too big to grab properly, but it latched onto him, and he wrestled it to shore.

The lobster weighed nearly 18 pounds - even a 5-pounder is considered trophy-sized - and was likely at least 30 years old.

TME That's some serious melted butter.

Live by the sword

SAN ANTONIO - A South Texas man faces an aggravated robbery charge after being accused of ordering several tacos, pulling a sword and refusing to pay.

An affidavit says 28-year-old Adam Kramer began sliding the sword out of a sheath and threatened a waitress at a Mexican restaurant in San Antonio. Nobody was hurt in the Dec. 2 incident.

Authorities say Kramer walked out of the restaurant - without the food - and to his truck while yelling either he got free tacos or somebody would die. Investigators say the waitress locked the door after the San Antonio man drove away.

Law officers arrested Kramer the next day. Bond was set at $50,000. Bexar County jail records did not list Kramer as still in custody Tuesday or provide details on an attorney.

TME Who wouldn't take a stab at free tacos?

Competitive cannabis

SANTA ROSA, Calif. - In a sure sign of the sizable role marijuana plays in California's agricultural economy, a competition for pot farmers who grow their crops outdoors is being held this year at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds.

The Press Democrat of Santa Rosa reports that hundreds of people gathered there over the weekend for the 2013 Emerald Cup, which started a decade ago as an underground, end-of-harvest celebration for growers in Mendocino and Humboldt counties.

Only weed that has been grown organically in the sun and hashish cured without chemicals were eligible for the contest.

A panel of judges that includes buyers for medical marijuana dispensaries was expected to name the winners on Sunday from among more 150 entries.

A Field Poll released last week found that 55 percent of voters surveyed favor legalizing marijuana use for adults.

TME Sounds like a Seth Rogen screenplay waiting to happen.


Lotto luck

BARRYTON, Mich. - People see Joe Palmarchuk and make some odd requests. He says they like to rub him for good luck.

And why not? The Mecosta County man has won lottery jackpots in two states - one for $1.35 million in Michigan last month and another for $1 million in Tennessee.

Palmarchuk hopes he's not done. He tells that he's buying 20 Mega Millions tickets for a Friday jackpot of more than $400 million.

He says it's hard to imagine such a prize. Palmarchuk says he and wife Phillis still haven't spent any of their last winnings. He's considering a spelling bee for children in the Barryton area, northeast of Grand Rapids.

TME Save a little for the rest of us, you greedy so-and-so.

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