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Weird National Briefs - (11/25/15)

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Worst. Criminal. Ever.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- An Albuquerque burglary suspect who was held at gunpoint by two of his victims is back in jail after allegedly committing another robbery.

Police say 26-year-old Aaron Lujan was arrested Saturday night on several charges including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Police spokesman Fred Duran says this is Lujan's third arrest in a week.

According to Duran, Lujan robbed an elderly woman and then offered to meet her to return her keys.

She called authorities who went to the meeting spot.

Lujan led officers on a foot chase through a golf course. He was found hiding in a tree and arrested without incident.

Lujan was arrested Thursday after a couple caught him loading their belongings into his car.

The husband observed Luan putting a generator, power tools and other items of his into an SUV and confronted him.

The 70-year-old man then grabbed his shotgun while his 66-year-old wife took a handgun and both held Lujan at gunpoint until police arrived.

Police said Lujan had just been released from jail earlier Thursday.

TME Held at gunpoint by old folks and hiding in trees? Are we sure he's not a bear?

Shady somnambulist

NAPLES, Fla.- A southwest Florida man who claimed he was sleepwalking when he broke into a neighbor's house has been sentenced to five years in prison.

The Naples Daily News reports that 56-year-old Mark Nowak was sentenced Thursday. He was convicted last month of burglary, theft and resisting arrest.

Prosecutors say Nowak deliberately cut through the neighbor's lanai, forced open a sliding door, disabled an alarm and rummaged through the house. Authorities say Nowak barricaded himself in a laundry room and tried to escape in the neighbor's vehicle when police arrived. Investigators reported finding burglary tools inside the home.

Nowak testified at his trial that he accidentally mixed medications before the burglary, causing him to lose all memory of a five-hour period.

TME You snooze, you lose.

No pregnant pause

MACON, Ga.- Not even labor pains could keep Tommitrise Collins from completing a college exam, and a photo of her working on the online test from her hospital bed made her a social media sensation.

Media outlets report that Collins was hours away from giving birth at a Macon hospital on Nov. 12 when her sister snapped the picture. In it, Collins wears a green hospital gown and focuses on her laptop.

She says she wasn't about to ask her Middle Georgia State University instructor to take the test later.

She says her contractions were three minutes apart when she started. The exam had to be turned in by 8 p.m. Her daughter, Tyler Elise, was born at 9:19.

Collins says this degree will be her second. She plans a career as a forensic scientist.

TME Kind of puts skipping class to play 'Fallout 4' into perspective, doesn't it?

Tamale trafficking

LOS ANGELES- The contraband was carefully wrapped in corn husks and concealed in the luggage of a traveler when authorities moved in for a tamale takedown at Los Angeles International Airport.

The search by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents turned up 450 pork tamales individually packaged in plastic bags.

'Although tamales are a popular holiday tradition, foreign meat products can carry serious animal diseases,' said Anne Maricich, CBP acting director of field operations in Los Angeles.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Wednesday the customs form filed by the traveler from Mexico acknowledged the person was carrying food but had lied when asked if there was any meat.

Tamales contain cornmeal, meat or other fillings cooked in husks or leaves.

The tamales seized Nov. 2 at the airport were destroyed under CBP supervision. The traveler was assessed a $1,000 civil penalty for commercial activity with the intent to distribute.

During fiscal year 2014, CBP agriculture specialists nationwide issued 75,330 civil violations and intercepted more than 1.6 million animal by-product, meat and plant/soil quarantine products.

TME You don't even want to know where they stashed the enchiladas.

Sandwich assault

FAIRFAX, Va.- Police say a drunken New Jersey man threw a sandwich at another man at a northern Virginia pizza restaurant and is now facing charges.

The Fairfax City Police Department says in a news release that 32-year-old Jonathan M. Magnes of Morristown, New Jersey, threw a sandwich at a 50-year-old man at a Fairfax pizza restaurant and then drove away.

Authorities say the victim, who was not injured, tailed Magnes before officers arrived and pulled over the suspect. It's not clear what led to the dispute between the men.

Magnes was charged Sunday evening with assault and battery, driving under the influence of alcohol and refusal of a blood and breath test.

It's not immediately clear whether Magnes has an attorney.

TME - The hoagie is mightier than the sword.

Try, try again

SOMERSET, Pa.- Pennsylvania State police say they've arrested a woman for two different drunken driving crashes in the same day.

Troopers from Somerset say Michele Leonard, of Somerset, crashed her car about 5 p.m. Saturday.

She was arrested, charged with drunken driving and then released.

Police say that's when Leonard offered a stranger $3 for a ride back to her crashed vehicle, which she entered and began driving again.

Police say Leonard again lost control of the car, and sideswiped a parked car in Somerset Township about 6 p.m., then crashed into a garage.

Online court records don't list an attorney for Leonard, whose age has not been released by police.

TME This is what we call commitment to the craft.


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