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Weird National Briefs - (11/04/15)

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Aggro arachnophobe

LOGAN, W.Va. - An assistant prosecutor in West Virginia has been suspended after pulling a gun and threatening to shoot fake spiders scattered around the office as Halloween decorations.

Logan County Prosecuting Attorney John Bennett tells media outlets that Chris White informed other employees that he is 'deathly afraid of spiders' before threatening to shoot. Bennett says he was out of the office at the time but was told about the incident by shaken employees.

He says White assured him the gun wasn't loaded. Bennett suspended White on Wednesday, several weeks after the incident, because employees were still upset.

The spider decorations have been removed, and Bennett has barred anyone other than the agency's investigator from carrying guns in the office.

Neither the media outlets nor The Associated Press could reach White for comment.

TME Oh, what a tangled web we weave

Not-so-great pumpkin

PEORIA, Ariz.- Halloween tricks came early for some drivers and pedestrians in the Phoenix area when a giant, inflatable pumpkin bounded down the roadway in high winds.

A 25-foot-tall pumpkin escaped from its display promoting the Peoria Monster Bash Thursday, sailing down the street and damaging two street lights.

Pumpkin owner Patrick Sparkes, with Big AZ Promotions, tells 12 News (KPNX-TV) that it took him 40 minutes to track the giant squash down.

Peoria officials say it wasn't vandalism, but windy weather that sent the jack-o'-lantern on its trip.

No one was injured, though the street lights and the pumpkin needed a few repairs.

TME Those poor people must have been scared out of their gourds.

21st Century snitch

ELSMERE, Del.- Police in a Delaware town are calling on drug dealers to snitch on their competition.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, Elsmere police tell dealers that if they'd like to get rid of competitors who are cutting into their sales, they can leave anonymous tips with names, addresses or phone numbers.

Chief Laura Giles says her son, who goes to college in Texas, saw a department there using a similar tactic and suggested it to her.

Giles says it's already working. Within 24 hours of posting the call for tipsters, Giles says the department has received two reports and investigations are underway.

TME It's like the lamest episode of 'The Wire' ever.

His last crusade?

RUSHVILLE, N.Y.- Indiana Jones couldn't outrace his pursuers this time.

Authorities say a 21-year-old man named Indiana Z. Jones led police on a chase that topped 100 mph on a road in New York's Finger Lakes region.

Yates County Sheriff Ronald Spike says the chase started late Sunday when Jones tried to evade a traffic stop in his hometown of Rushville, 35 miles southeast of Rochester.

Spike says spike strips were used to puncture Jones' tires after several miles, and he was taken into custody.

The charges include unlawfully fleeing police, speeding and having an unregistered, uninsured and uninspected vehicle.

Jones posted $1,000 bail and was released.

Court officials say Tuesday he doesn't have a lawyer. A call to a phone number associated with Jones rang unanswered.

TME Still a better story than 'Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.'

Up on the rooftop

WOODHULL TOWNSHIP, Mich.- When Joyce Kingsley heard 'kaboom' while at her Michigan home, she immediately thought about extreme weather.

The 83-year-old needed to look up: A Ford Mustang was parked on the roof of her home after the driver had a medical problem Monday and lost control on Interstate 69 in Shiawassee County.

Kingsley's home about 20 miles northeast of Lansing is built next to a hill, and the roof is nearly level with the ground, The Argus-Press of Owosso reported.

'I was just watching TV inside. I had it up pretty loud _ but this was much louder,' Kingsley said.

State police said the Mustang went through several bushes, trees and a fence before stopping on the roof. The driver was treated for low blood sugar but wasn't hurt.

'The driver is extremely lucky,' Trooper Ben Rowell said.

Kingsley plans to put a tarp over the damaged roof until it can be fixed.

'It could've been a lot worse,' she said. 'I'm glad everyone is all right.'

TME And this is why Santa doesn't drive a Mustang.

Deer me!

BURLINGTON, Vt.- A fish and wild game supper is featuring some Vermont road kill on the menu.

New York's WPTZ-TV reports Hotel Vermont will offer three animals injured or killed on the road as it hosts the Wild About Vermont event on Nov. 7. The event will feature a game supper with donations from hunters and fishermen in the state.

Residents say it's a quirky and interesting idea.

The supper will cost $75 and will be prepared by chef Doug Paine. Also on the menu will be deer, bear, moose and muskrat.

Paine says it will be delicious and well worth trying. He says he's sure many residents haven't tried beaver but would probably like it if they did.

TME The vegetables will be tough how do you hit an onion with your car?


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