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Weird National Briefs (03-02-2016)

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Two great tastes

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Two Albuquerque Girls Scouts have picked an unusual spot to sell Girl Scout cookies _ a marijuana dispensary.

KRQE-TV in Albuquerque reports a Junior Girl Scout and a Brownie set up shop Saturday outside medical marijuana dispensary Ultra Health and sold more than 60 boxes.

Ultra Health manager James Gambling says he invited the scouts and offered to donate $1 for every box the girls sold. He says 'the munchies' is a stereotype that comes with marijuana, so it was fitting to have the Girl Scouts outside.

Phil Temer, a dad of one of the girls, says he saw nothing wrong with the girls selling near the dispensary.

Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails spokeswoman Carol Ann Short says selling outside medical marijuana dispensaries is against scout rules.

TME Seriously, though that's a brilliant business model.

Friendship is magic

MADERA, Calif.- The calls coming into a California Highway Patrol office were alarming: A tiny unicorn was running down a road.

KSEE-TV reports more than three hours later the suspect was taken into custody.

A not-so-mythical white pony named Juliette who wears a fake horn for photo sessions was illuminated by a CHP helicopter Wednesday in an orchard and Madera Ranchos resident Renee Pardy used another horse to lead it out.

The ersatz unicorn's owner, 5-year-old Tatum Boos, says Juliette was given a timeout for being a bad pony.

TME Wonder what the scanner code is for 'Runaway Unicorn'?

Tiny houses

NEWPORT, Pa.- Nearly 40 gnome homes have been evicted from a Pennsylvania state park after a decision change sent them packing. reports that management at Little Buffalo State Park gave permission for Steve Hoke to create the small, magical houses in December. Since then, he has made 38 tiny houses in tree roots, hollow logs and on stumps around the forest near Newport, about 25 miles northwest of Harrisburg.

He says the houses were a major attraction for children.

Park Manager Jason Baker tells the news site he gave the OK originally, but it was later decided the homes could affect wildlife habitat.

Hoke removed the little abodes Monday after being told he had until Feb. 29.

Duncannon and Millerstown have both offered to house them in local parks.

TME Truly a dark smurf in smurf history.

Shell game

ST. CATHERINES, Ontario- A Canadian man caught smuggling nearly 40 turtles in his pants has been fined $3,500 Canadian (US$2,578) and placed on probation for two years.

Dong Yan was convicted this month of illegally importing reptiles. During an inspection at the Niagara border crossing in June 2014, Canadian border officials discovered 38 turtles strapped to Yan's legs.

Yan is also prohibited from owning turtles and tortoises for 10 years.

Officials say live specimens are often sought for use in the pet and food trade.

TME You don't even want to know where he was hiding the hares.

Never Been Kissed 2

HARRISBURG, Pa.- Police say a central Pennsylvania high school honors student was actually a 23-year-old Ukrainian national using a false identity after his visa expired.

Artur Samarin was arrested and charged Tuesday by the Harrisburg police.

Police say he pretended to be Harrisburg High School student Asher Potts, who had a 4.16 grade-point average and was in the National Honor Society. Samarin was actively involved at the school, working with a student advisory group on a food bank, and a member of the school's ROTC and Naval Sea Cadet programs.

Police say he had a Pennsylvania driver's license in Potts' name when he was arrested. They believe the identity was made up and that no person's identity was compromised.

Online court records don't list an attorney for Samarin, who remained in the Dauphin County jail Thursday on charges including identity theft and tampering with public records.

TME We assume there were many hijinks and valuable lessons learned.

Rogaine robber

MOUNT HEALTHY, Ohio- Police in suburban Cincinnati are on the lookout for a bald man they say has been stealing hair growth and memory aid products from stores.

Mount Healthy police have issued an alert for 'a serial thief' they say recently took $847 worth of Rogaine and Prevagen products from a Walgreens store in the city just north of Cincinnati. Police say he is linked to similar thefts from retailers in nearby suburbs.

Police say the man is believed to drive a white Jeep.

They're not sure if he's using any of the products himself but suspect he tries to sell them online or at flea markets.

Mount Healthy Detective Chris Jones tells WCPO-TV that police are 'scratching our heads at this, no pun intended,' over the Rogaine thefts.

TME This reads like a gateway crime to themed supervillainy.


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