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Weird National Briefs (02-24-2016)

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Barely moving

BATON ROUGE, La. - Authorities have arrested a naked man who they say drove into a chemical plant site and led deputies on a slow-moving chase.

News outlets report that deputies arrested 38-year-old Charles Cooper on Sunday on counts including obscenity and flight from an officer.

According to an East Baton Rouge Parish report, Cooper pulled into the grounds of the Formosa Plastics chemical plant in Baton Rouge wearing only socks and a T-shirt. Deputies say he screamed for someone to help him, claiming there was someone else inside the vehicle. The report says no one else could be seen in or around his SUV.

Cooper then drove off, leading deputies on a slow-moving pursuit. He finally stopped after deputies blocked his SUV and was arrested.

It's unclear if he has an attorney.

TME Slow and steady and pantless wins the race.

The only way to fly

NASHVILLE, Tenn.- A naked man has been arrested at Nashville International Airport _ and airport officials say he is a repeat offender.

Airport spokeswoman Shannon Summerall tells local media that the man was arrested Sunday evening. Other identifying information about the man wasn't immediately known.

Summerall says this isn't the first time the man has walked around the property naked. On a handful of other occasions, she says he has parked in the economy lot and walked around. On Sunday he parked closer and made it into the airport.

The man was arrested by airport police on a charge of public indecency.

An airport patron posted pictures to Facebook appearing to show the man walking around the terminal or standing in line at the desk of an airline.

TME On the plus side, they were able to skip the patdown.

Elder justice

MOUNT POCONO, Pa.- Police say an 81-year-old Pennsylvania woman chased down robbers who stole her purse, ramming their car with hers and leaving damage that helped officers apprehend them.

The woman was sitting her car in her Mount Pocono driveway on Tuesday when she was approached by a man and woman. As she talked to them through an open window, one grabbed her purse and they fled in a car.

Pocono Mountain Regional police say the woman took off after them and hit their car, but the duo drove off.

Officers found their damaged car in a grocery store parking lot.

Thirty-four-year-old William Hayhurst and 30-year-old Erin Vanmatre were arrested and arraigned Wednesday on robbery and other charges.

Police say the suspects targeted the woman after seeing her with cash at a pharmacy.

TME This is who rescues Liam Neeson when HE gets taken.

Better late than never

CINCINNATI- A woman charged in 1978 with stealing leather jackets from a Cincinnati department store has finally had her day in court - but it was quick.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports Judge Robert Ruehlman dismissed the case against 61-year-old Rochelle Cooper this week after prosecutors conceded it would be difficult to find any witnesses to the alleged theft.

Cooper was arrested this month for shoplifting in Indiana and was extradited after someone noticed that a warrant issued for her arrest in 1979 remained open.

Cooper was charged with stealing three jackets from a Pogue's department store as a 23-year-old under her alias, Sandra Cooper. The charge at the time was a felony punishable by prison time.

It's unclear if the jackets were recovered. They were valued at $300 in 1978.

TME How many jackets does one person need?

Cloud confession

LOS ANGELES- Los Angeles police say a photo they circulated of two people taken with a stolen Kindle has led to its return.

Police released the photo Thursday that had uploaded automatically to the owner's cloud account. It showed a photo of a man and a woman who apparently visited church on Ash Wednesday because she had a smudge of ash on her forehead.

Police say a few hours later the 26-year-old man in the picture returned the Kindle, and it has been returned to the owner. The woman in the photo was the man's mother, who police say had nothing to do with the theft.

Police Capt. Paul Vernon says there was family pressure on the man to return the tablet because his mother was in the picture.

Police say they'll seek a misdemeanor charge for the man.

TME His mom is totally going to kick his ash.

Senatorial shenanigans

SYCAMORE, Ohio- Ohio school officials say a young man posing as a state senator toured a high school and spoke to a class, and they didn't realize they'd been fooled until weeks later.

According to news media reports, Mohawk Local School District officials say the 18-year-old visited the high school in Wyandot County in December and claimed to be a lawmaker filling in for another senator.

Media reports say when Republican Sen. David Burke showed up to speak later, as scheduled, that's when officials realized they'd been duped.

Burke said in an email Friday to The Associated Press that when he learned about the hoax, he and the school immediately began working with law enforcement. He said, 'This was an extremely elaborate scheme and not as simple as walking through the door.'

TME It's obviously part of a plan to save the rec center.

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