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Weird National Briefs 01-06-2016

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Hair today

NAMPA, Idaho - One man's back hair is another man's canvas.

At least that's how Mike Wolfe of Nampa has decided to approach his hairy backside.

Wolfe tells KTVB-TV that after years of feeling ashamed of his body hair, he asked a friend in 2008 to trim an American flag on his back rather than undergo traditional hair removal processes like shaving or waxing. Since then, the two meet up several times throughout the year to design a new creation onto Wolfe's back.

Designs are uniquely named after each month, such as Grim Reap-hair for October and M-hair-achi Band for May.

Wolfe's creation can now be seen on calendar - called a Calend-hair - he sells for $20.

TME Pretty sure this guy is actually Banksy.

What lies beneath

BURLINGTON, Wis.- This year's winner in a Wisconsin liars' club contest has won for a fib that's half true.

Gene O'Brien of Rural - a small, unincorporated village near Waupaca - took first place in the Burlington Liars Club's World Champion Lie Contest.

O'Brien's winning submission was: 'I grew up in a family with 16 children. I never got to sleep alone until I got married!'

The 72-year-old retired general contractor told The Journal Times on Thursday that he really did come from a family of 16 children - 'with no twins.'

O'Brien said he's been telling people his winning quip for years. He said his friend Daryl Lockwood, who won the lie contest in 2013, told him, 'You've got to turn that in.' Instead, Lockwood entered O'Brien's lie for him.

O'Brien said his wife, Jeanne, appreciates his standing joke. He said the couple will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in November, 'so I can get away with just about anything.'

TME Politicians aren't allowed they're considered professionals.

Transplant romance

MANCHESTER, N.H.- A New Hampshire man found his perfect match in more ways than one when he first met his girlfriend on a golf course last summer.

Forty-nine-year-old Jack Simard of Manchester is slated for his second kidney transplant around Valentine's Day and the donor is his girlfriend, Michelle LaBranche.

WMUR-TV reports the two avid golfers met at Stonebridge Country Club in Goffstown and fell in love. When LaBranche found out Simard was seeking a kidney donor, she tested to see if she was eligible without telling him.

Doctors were surprised that her kidneys turned out to be compatible.

Simard's first kidney transplant was 19 years ago. His sister was the donor.

LaBranche says Simard is her future, and she wants to help him have a healthy life.

TME Let's hope this isn't just a passing fancy.

You're doing it wrong

NEWARK, N.J.- An anti-violence demonstration in Newark, New Jersey, devolved into a physical altercation between two activists. reports the small crowd began arguing on the steps of Newark City Hall on Wednesday about the city's attempts to curb violence.

The demonstration was organized by two anti-violence groups.

They say they wanted to urge Mayor Ras Baraka to put his 'quality of life plan' into action to help address violence in the city. A group of Baraka supporters appeared and an argument ensued.

At one point, one man put his hands around another's neck and pushed him to the ground.

Organizers and other participants said the skirmish lasted only a few minutes, and there were no serious injuries.

Baraka says the scuffle is being investigated by Newark police and called it 'disheartening.'

TME You've got to fight for your right tonot fight.

Breaking Banana

TAHLEQUAH, Okla.- Police say employees at a northeast Oklahoma grocery store found a cache of illegal drugs when they opened a crate of bananas.

Tahlequah Police Chief Nate King says officers were called to the store when workers found 12 large 'bricks' of drugs in a produce box Monday. He says the substance field-tested positive as methamphetamine, though formal testing will be done.

King tells the Tahlequah Daily Press that someone forgot to take out the drugs as the bananas were being shipped. He says the bananas are from Ecuador.

King says the substance weighs more than 20 pounds. He says if it's indeed meth, it has a street value topping $800,000.

TME Those bananas really know how to party.

Fists of justice

WINFIELD, W.Va.- A Putnam County magistrate who resigned after challenging a man to a fight during a court proceeding has been admonished by state justice investigators.

The admonishment from the Judicial Investigation Commission stems from Scot Lawrence's handling of an August court proceeding in which he was recorded taunting a resident and challenging him to a fight, news media outlets reported.

Lawrence, a former State Police trooper, can be heard in the recording telling Troy Sexton that the motions he had filed contained 'fighting words.' Lawrence said Sexton had called him a 'piggy' in a previous motion and had said 'oink, oink' when passing a police trooper before proceedings began.

'Where I come from, to me those are fighting words,' Lawrence said. 'Do you want to fight me? Is that what you want?' the magistrate can be heard saying.

Lawrence found Sexton guilty of operating a motor vehicle with an illegal window tint and not wearing a seatbelt. Lawrence sentenced Sexton to pay a $100 fine for each charge and didn't allow Sexton to speak before handing down the sentence, as the state Rules of Criminal Procedure require.

TME Kind of makes you want to see 'Law & Order: West Virginia,' doesn't it?


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